Writing About Point Of View English Assignment

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Point of View refers to the voice that authors use when presenting their work; the work’s speaker, persona, or narrator who tells stories, presents arguments, or expresses attitudes such as love, anger, or excitement.

To write about point of view is to describe the effect of the speaker on the literary work
Conditions that affect point of view: (Use accident as example. those involved directly, observers-friends and otherwise, independent reporters)
1. position while observing
2. completeness and accuracy of observation
3. personal involvement
4. partiality or impartiality
5. desire to draw conclusions about an action
6. situation, at the time of the narration or monologue, of the speaker and listener, audience, or reader.

In writing about it, your goal is to explain how point of view contributes to making the work exactly as it is. In prewriting consider things like language, authority and opportunity for observation, the involvement or detachment of the speaker, the selection of detail, interpretive commentaries, and narrative development.

In Introduction discuss
major influence on work and
to what extent does it make the work interesting and effective, uninteresting and ineffective
How will analysis of particular aspects of the work (action, dialogue, characters, description, narration, diction) support your central idea?

In body discuss
for first person- what is the situation prompting the speaker to tell his/her story or explain his/her situation?
Is the speaker identifiable? What is his background? Is he talking to a listener, to himself, or to the reader? How does his audience affect what he is saying? Is the level of...

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