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In 2012, researchers from Sweden and Germany interested in the psychology behind communication in the healthcare field endeavored to chart unexplored territory. The researchers had previously studied works on the topic of healthcare interaction between care givers and residents of long term care facilities, which revealed, generally, that such interaction could be “challenging and demanding”. However, they wished to dig deeper in order to discover a more profound psychological basis for these and similar results. The three scholars – one a professor of philosophy in Germany and the other two professors of nursing from Sweden – thus set off to study the “professional caregiver's personality,” a factor that they believed to be key in shaping the resultant interaction between residents and caregivers.
The trio of investigators, basing their research on the principle that personality “is a primary determinate of our emotional reactions and behavior,” wanted to understand how the relationship between carers and residents was influenced by the carer's personality, and how that influence factored into communication between the two. They hoped to ultimately piece together and model the key characteristics possessed exclusively by caregivers of the elderly and to generalize their findings on a global scale. Their aim, more scientifically, was to “elucidate equalities and differences of personality characteristics” among professional caregivers in comparison to the general population. The research could be deemed a study on healthcare psychology with a special focus on communication and caregiver psychology. Additionally, the cross-cultural aspect of the study lends to its comparative basis and its global generality.
To carry out their study, the researchers implemented a cross-cultural, correlational, survey-based design supplemented by comparative analyses and various random, representative samples of pertinent populations. Now that is a mouth full. For their sample groups, the researchers randomly selected 37 Swedish caregivers and 80 German caregivers...

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