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Does Growing Up In A Multicultural Area Prove Beneficial In Your Social Experience In College?

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The research question that I chose was; "Does growing up in an area with multicultural area prove to be beneficial in your social experience in college?" I choose this question for many reasons. The main reason for choosing the question is that I am from a culturally diverse area and am friends with people from all different races, backgrounds, and cultures. Being raised In Pasadena, Maryland where my high school was 10% black, 60% white, with the remaining 30% being split between Asian, Chinese, and Hispanic. Although the area that I live in may not be the most diverse area, I believe that the cultural diversity that I was exposed to helped me become the person that I am today. This is integral for me in college, but also with social interactions in general.
I believe growing up in an area with multi-cultural backgrounds will benefit a person by exposing one to many different cultures and ethnicities. Growing up in diverse areas, as a child will force you to interact with different races of people at young age; thus eliminating prejudice thoughts and negative stereotypes. I also believe growing up with someone of a different culture or ethnicity will assist you in interacting and becoming friends with people you may not have had contact with previously. Being brought up in this situation prepares you for the culture shock of meeting someone of a different culture. This, in fact, is half the battle.
Here at Kutztown University, I constantly see different races together in their own social group. For example, if you go into the dining hall you will see a group of African Americans in one corner, a group of Asians in another corner, Chinese people sitting in one corner, and somewhere in the mix you will see a group of students culturally mixed with a little bit of everything in their group. I think the cause of all these cultural clicks is because of students growing up in areas that are not as culturally diverse as your typical college campus. I believe this can take away from their college experience. I feel that limiting yourself to just one group of people or a few groups of people can cause you to miss out on things. If you have never been exposed to something you lack the knowledge to effectively respond appropriately to the situation. Growing up in an area that is cultural diverse has made my college career extremely fun and I think it will continue to be beneficial with later interactions with people in my future. I do not have a problem talking to any race nor do I have problems making friends with anyone.
I truly see people as people; causing my friend circle to be bigger than others. One of my closest friends is from North Philadelphia and couple weeks ago I brought him to hang out with some friends. My friends being white and Asian, I did not think anything of it because I am used to being in a diverse area. My friend, being from North Philadelphia were the...

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