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Writing Assignment 1 Research Question And Rationale

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To conduct my research I am first going to decide the purpose of my survey, which is to gain knowledge of peoples exposure to diversity and how that effects there social interactions on campus. I will then decide on the question I will ask and the type of question I will choose to use. For my particular choice of research I will chose to do a combination of open end and multiple choice questions. I choose the combination of the two because I would like to be able to get a more personal response and allow respondents to express their with the use of the open end questions, and having multiple choice questions just to get a view on how they feel about specific topics. To help strength my ...view middle of the document...

After answering the multiple choice question the participant will move to the open end questions. I will make sure my open end questions make general points and do not have my opinion to avoid forcing ideas on my participants. After my participants finish the survey I will take the survey from my participant and then ask then tell them to have a nice day. When choosing my participants I will attempt to get different type of students of multiple gender and ethnicities to make my research more accurate able to cover multiple perspectives. After choosing and getting the amount of participants I feel that will be necessary to make my survey as accurate as possible. I will examine results and will see how the results match with the question that I am conducting my survey on. When conducting my survey if issue were to happen I would try to defuse the situation as soon as possible and then terminate the survey immediately.
Using the Survey method will give me a real life perspective on real people and how they feel about my research question. Using a survey as my method will give me a large representation of a large population of Kutztown University ultimately giving me a better description on the opinion of the population in Kutztown University students. Although I believe Survey research is the best method to conduct my research unfortunately it does have flaws. Some cons in choosing a survey to conduct my research are that participants may not feel comfortable to answer the question in the survey. Another disadvantage of choosing a survey as my method is that a participant can choose to skip unfavorable questions or the answers to...

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