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This writing assignment contains the following information based on the criminal justice system. The following topics will be explained as follows: The importance of Circumstantial Evidence and Direct Evidence in order to support the truth. Second, the essential use of Aerial photography in a crime scene. Third, the importance of Locard Exchange Principle when entering a crime scene . In addition, three different chapter topics will be related to a current criminal investigation event.
On the second week of class professor Gonis demonstrated the difference between Circumstantial and Direct evidence. Mr. Gonis showed the students an example of circumstantial evidence by walking out of the class room and pounding the door three consecutive times. The professor came back inside and touched his forehead with his left hand. Afterwards, the students had to give any facts and opinion of what they saw and inferences to support their argument. Circumstantial evidence defines as evidence that relies on an inference to connect it to a conclusion of fact. (79) Miller, Marilyn T states, “An example of this would be showing a receipt for a knife that the defendant purchased, and assuming that the same person committed a crime with that knife. This doesn’t necessarily means that the person used this type of weapon to attack the victim.”
Direct evidence that is used in a trial is considered true, the charge against the accused is established. The claim that the defendant committed the crime they are charged with can be proved by direct evidence alone, if the jury believes that the evidence is reliable. http://www.probablecause.org/index.html. An example of direct evidence would be having physical evidence of the crime and documentary evidence, such as video taping, recordings, or another reliable source.
A second activity explained by Mr. Gonis is the use of Aerial photography. Weiss, Sanford L. states, “Photographs can be essential in recording those areas in which acts of violence took place. In this cases aerial photography can provide a superior perspective while providing facts in a more accurate and more easily understood manner than the usual verbal testimony. As a result, the disciplines of aerial photography and photo are proving to be valuable supplements to the crime scene investigators.” Regarding aerial photography being a valuable supplement to a crime scene is a class video Mr. Gonis played to the students about a crime scene where 11 human remains were discovered in Albuquerque New Mexico, February 27, 2009. In this crime, aerial photography was a key element for the discovery of a grave yard. Investigators looked at areas in the land that seemed disturbed, and that’s how they located the bodies.
A third activity was the importance to protect a crime scene by the Locard Exchange Principle. Locard proved that anytime investigators intervene to a crime they are automatically changing that situation. In order to conclude with perfect crime...

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