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Creative Writing Assignment About A Rape And The Importance Of Dna

747 words - 3 pages

Creative Writing Topic: Fred and Frank are identical twins who live in a rural village in England. A rape has occurred, and the police are asking for voluntary DNA samples to help narrow the search for the rapist. Fred is ready to volunteer for the DNA testing, when Frank asks him not to…

In a small village somewhere in England
Lived the two brothers Frank and Fred.
Everything about them looked quite the same—
Their eyes, nose, and hair on their head.
Not many could distinguish Fred from Frank,
As they were identical twins,
The villagers, stumped, left the boys amused,
Causing two identical grins.

The boys grew older and they grew apart,
So their differences now were known.
People could just barely tell boy from boy,
As each had some traits of their own.
The village was always a quiet one,
Quite uneventful day to day;
The farmers would farm, the merchants would trade,
While children ran around in play.

But tragedy struck the quaint little town,
As someone cried out in terror.
The news was spread with a note of despair,
Announced by the bad news bearer:
“Oh my, oh no! I don’t know what to do!
Get help! Someone’s been raped and beat!
Come, find the culprit; leave no rock unturned;
No rest ‘til our search is complete!”

The police got to work; no time to waste,
Interviewing man, woman, and child.
For any details regarding this crime
They gathered and then they compiled.
One sergeant realized it’d take much too long—
“There’s got to be a faster way…
Alas! I’ve got it! Let’s narrow the search
Using samples of DNA.”

With volunteered samples of DNA
The police could quicken their quest.
Many, but not all, were glad to give their
Help at the police’s request.
But as they reached the house of Fred and Frank,
Frank begs of Fred not to comply.
“But why, my brother? We should help the search,”
And from Frank there was no reply.

The terrible truth soon dawned upon Fred,
“It’s you who committed the crime.
How dare you do such a wretched misdeed?
You sick man, you...

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