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For my argumentative writing piece, my purpose of this was to inform how fees in higher education were causing many problems and it should be free. Before doing all of this, I firstly thought about the audience. I believed this issue should be informed to everyone. This is quite vague as it does not have a specific target audience. So, my focuses are on the educated people and people who are willing to learn higher studies in our society, as this topic mostly appeals to them. I wanted to write in a style of an editorial newspaper, expressing all my opinions about this. Therefore, I employed many facts and statistics as possible to make my article convincing and engaging for the reader rather ...view middle of the document...

I chose the headline ‘Fee or Free’? This is because I wanted a headline that grabbed the reader’s interest when they first look at this. Also, this headline is mostly appealing to my audience. It immediately creates a controversial idea in their mind. Many people will have different opinions on this. Therefore, they will be intrigued to read on as they will be eager to find out more about this and gain a strong understanding of whether fees are the right thing or not.
In my introduction I went straight into the issue, but not in detail. I simply stated the list of numerous problems that fees in higher education are causing. This way of organising it was really effective. This is because I wanted to shock the reader immediately when they start reading my article as they will get an idea of various problems that fees cause. This will already encourage them to start thinking about the problems in detail which is later presented in my article. This idea is also shown in the conclusion, where I talked about the solution and linked the entire writing together, making it clear for the reader.
When I presented my points, I organised them in a logical way. I first decided to explain all the problems that fees cause, then explain the benefits of free higher education and finally I presented a solution in the conclusion. I thought this way of organisation will be effective because by explaining the problems in detail first, this helps the reader easily understand my argument. I sometimes used a triple which helped me to highlight what I was trying to say to reader. After that, I talked about the benefits of free higher education in the middle of my article and gave a solution to this problem at the end. By presenting it in this way, it gradually develops the ideas and it is logical to talk about the problems first then come with the solution. This influences the reader’s mind and they would more likely agree with my viewpoint. I often used discourse markers such as ‘however’, ‘moreover’ and ‘furthermore’. The purpose of this was to create coherence in my writing and...

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