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Writing For Social Work Essay

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Writing is incorporated throughout life in almost every professional career. Even jobs that don’t publicize their writing, often behind the scenes, require writing for documentation or legal reference.
“Writing is an essential social work skill. Social workers who can write a well-constructed report, a clear description of a client, or a persuasive memorandum or letter, are more effective in serving the interests of their client systems” (Falk; Ross). Social work actively involves all types of writing styles throughout the profession seeing as; there are all different types of social workers. Say you become a counselor; you may be expected to keep a professional journal including ...view middle of the document...

This could include giving descriptions on clients, the work environment, or professional transactions. Reasons behind all of this are expressed as simply by A. Hartman when he wrote:
“We must listen to our clients and bring forth their wisdom. Because many of our clients are powerless and oppressed, their knowledge has been subjugated, and their insights have been excluded from the discourse by those who are empowered to define the “truth”—experts, professionals, and editorial boards. All these sources are essential to our profession and should enrich the pages of our professional literature” (Hartman, 1993, p.4).

Analyzing clients and other work situations is another obligation, involving writing, in social work. “As some writers have suggested (Knight, 1997; Cohen, 1986), the ability to write analytically is vitally important for professional social workers. Assessments, for example, call for accurate, lively, and sensitive description of clients, but the description must be within an analytic framework that moves from description, to inference, to data collection, and then to well-supported conclusions” (Falk; Ross). Professional paperwork such as, psychological exams or practice and procedure recordings, entails this type of writing. Every person is different and being biased to...

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