Writing For The Future: What Is Online Publishing?

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Books have been around for a long time and they will continue to exist regardless of the technological advancements being made in the field of publishing. Even though it may be proven not environmentally friendly, online publishing is the future of writing with eBooks dominating the book market and the preference of electronic devices to hard copy material. What is online publishing? What effects will eBooks have on the book publishing business and which is more environmentally friendly?

Online Publishing
The definition of online publishing or electronic publishing is the publication of information in a way that can be accessed by a computer, i.e. internet sites, disks…
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Their popularity continues to grow and it will not stop, the only thing is the risks involved in their creation. Mr. Green from the Sierra Club concludes:
…the energy required to manufacture and then dispose of an e-reader is probably greater than what's needed to make a traditional book. If you're reading 40 or more books per year on your e-reader, that would be the right choice. But if you use it only occasionally, probably better to stick to a "regular" book.” This was due to a study that cannot be referenced due to copyright issues. So an e-reader is only as effective environmentally as its frequent usage. But in a similar study The New York Times, retorted, “…if you were to read three books a month over four years, the e-reader would significantly outperform conventional paper books in carbon emitted. (Miller, 2013)
Similarly Karen Christensen states in her article:
This fact may surprise readers who have reflexively taken the ‘save a tree’ stance as the best reason for purchasing the latest e-reader or tablet. Berkshire, however, remains committed to publishing in print, as well as to voicing other reasons that publishers must consider before they blame paper as the culprit that makes book-printing unsustainable. Approximately 40 percent of the wood harvested from our world's forests is used to make paper. But of all the ways we use paper—for disposable goods like plates, cups, and towels; in wasteful and excess packaging materials; for printing email messages and articles from online news sources; and even for newspapers themselves—Berkshire believes that books are actually one of the smartest, because books last. (2012)
However Epstein declares, “Making books available digitally eliminates the costs of storing and delivering books—savings that publishers can pass on to the consumer. Efforts by publishers to impede...

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