Writing For The Medium. How To Write For Comic Books.

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Writing for the Medium Entertainment is a major focus in our society. Nothing can interest us more than watching a good movie, television show, or a great comic book. Many people have interests outside of these mediums, but you would have to go pretty far to find someone who has not seen a fictional work in the visual form. At one time I thought that television shows and movies worked straight from books in novel form, I was wrong. They could start out in novel form, but they end up in screenplay form. When I thought of screenplays, I always thought of actual plays that are performed on stage. But if you wish to write for movies, television, and comic books you must also think and write in the form of screenplays. Screenplays are very much different than novel writing. In a typical novel you can have up to 400 pages in which to read. In a screenplay the text is very compact and you can read as little as 100 pages. The main idea behind screenplays is to combine dialogue and images. This can also be done in a novel format but in a screenplay the two are separated distinctly. When discovering the format of the screenplay I found myself thinking that it would be possible to write many ideas I have in a short amount of time. In a novel I would concentrate on too many details. When I read a novel I wish it to move along in a fast pace. And sometimes the novel goes off in too many directions and it is hard to stay focused. If it was not for a class assigning a certain book to read I probably would not even bother picking it up unless the subject of the book really interested me. In most commercial book stores the top ten books in the country usually stay around 300 pages. A good idea for novel writers to do is to create a story and divide it up into many sections in which to read. This way a reader can be built up enough to pick up the next book in the series. In screenplays the dialogue is focused upon in better detail than the novel. The author can script movements that look better in this format than in the form of a novel. A book that reads, 'and Erika slapped James in the face before walking out of a room,' could be put better to screenplay by this example, 'Erika with a swivel in her torso brings her open hand to meet the left side of James' face. She then walks in a huff out of the room with a blank look on her face.' When you write for a comic it is possible to think in terms of writing a number of panels. It will probably be the job of the editor to determine the size of the panel the artist will draw. Whenever I have read comics the number of panels is usually between 80 to 100 panels, not including the cover of the comic which is sometimes important to a comic book. A comic book outline is something like this. The first aspect of a comic book is the cover. The cover is usually the most striking moment in the particular comic book. This is the main character like Spiderman being looked upon by a...

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