Writing From A Picture Essay

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He didn't want to be here. This was the third time that John ended up getting called into the office. John sighed inwardly. The time had flown so fast, he didn't realize that his thesis paper was due. The night before, he called all his friends hoping that someone could help him, but it was to no avail. After swallowing, he steadied his nerves, and knocked on the dean's looming, large, rosewood door.

"Come in!" bellowed the booming voice from inside the office. John made a silent prayer that if he came out of this meeting with his grade intact, he would never postpone again. As he stepped into the office the first thing he always noticed was the self portrait of Dr. Allen. He was a bon vivant man and had a big bushy beard that matched his beet colored skin.

“Sit down,” Dr. Allen commanded, "do you know why you are here, Mr. Doe?”
Maybe it’s because I procrastinated so much on my monograph that you decided to punish me, John thought to himself.
“I don’t know” He answered, wondering if he would make it out alive.
“I’ll give you a hint,” said the dean, “It is because you have exceeded the deadline date for your thesis on journalism. Due to this fact, you should be expelled."
“What?” John cried.
“However, if you can show me an astounding piece of work for your thesis in one week, I will disregard your tardiness.” said the Dean, “ I am only doing this for you because I have seen great works from you in the past.”
“Thank you so much!” replied John.
“Now you may leave.” he said.

After leaving the office, John realized the predicament he was in. Only a weeks worth of time to create something that ordinarily would’ve taken a couple months! Before getting admitted into the prestigious college that he was in, he thought secondary school had to be the hardest school. No one told him that college would be this difficult. On his way back to the dorms, John bumped into a friend of his.
“ Hello John,” said Brett, “ How are you doing?”
“ Not too well, I just got chewed out by the dean,” replied John.
“Well, I just got a couple of coupons for a restaurant at the mall, want to come with?” asked Brett.
“Why not?” John said grudgingly.

After getting into the car, John was impressed as he always was. The car was decked out with every upgrade imaginable. It was a red Tesla model S, with a gigantic touchscreen and leather seats. The roof was made of solid glass. The decor was a carbon fiber matte.
“ I never understood how you managed to buy a car like this.” sighed John, “ I wish I had fortunes lying around like all the MBA students do.”
Brett laughed. “ It’s not as easy as you think it is, making money from businesses and the stock market.” Brett stated, “ It takes a tremendous amount of judgement and decision making.”
“ Well, nonetheless, you made a wise decision going into the business department instead of doing writing like me”, said John.
“ I just did what I enjoyed doing”, Brett replied easily.

After walking to one of the many restaurants in the...

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