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I learned to write when I was in kindergarten living in Oklahoma. My mother homeschooled me during my first grade year, because I came home from school one day and said that I “drawled” a picture. My parents detested when the English language was butchered. They taught me to use language properly and formally. My parents read to me throughout my childhood. And when I could read by myself, my favorite books to read were a series called Frog and Toad. As soon as I could read, I was encouraged to write. From a very young age, I was introduced to writing. There were numerous events in my life that affected my writing style, and my personal writing preferences.
When I was about seven years old, my father received orders to transfer to Okinawa, Japan. As a result, my parents had me on a computer using a program to learn Japanese. They wanted me to have an easier time adapting to Japan when we moved there. However, my father’s orders were cancelled last minute. Instead, he was transferred to Geilenkirchen, Germany.
When my family and I moved to Germany in second grade I had a computer class where I learned to use a computer for more than just playing games; I also was taught how to correctly type. While I was residing in Germany, I had to take Host. Host was my German culture and language class. The things that I learned in and out of that class changed my view on life. It was a wonderful experience, and I enjoyed all the things that I learned. I will always remember the adventures I had with my family and friends, and the knowledge and mindset I acquired from the experience.
From living across the pond during such an important chunk oh my life, I misspell words in the American-English. Spell-check is my best friend when I am writing informally, and not for a grade. I often end up adding an “ou” where there should only be an “o”, and sometimes I have trouble phrasing sentences in a way that makes sense due to my residing in a place so different from America.
To work on my weaknesses, I always took higher level English classes in high school. I enrolled in advanced placement...

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