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Throughout time music has allowed people to express themselves in a whole new way and has made it possible for people to discuss common issues on a deeper level through the lyrics of a song. As time goes on, the level of risk taken in songs and the line of what is and isn’t acceptable to discuss has grown. Many songs focusing on drug use have been seen as controversial. However these types of songs allow us to see into the artist’s world and in some ways get a deeper view of what drug use means to a musician. Both “Get High” by Brandy Clark and “Cocaine” by J.J. Cale, serve as good examples of how a musician can express the importance of drugs through their lyrics.
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She is living a life that she doesn’t exactly enjoy, much like the way that most of us live every day. She uses Marijuana to escape her life and calm down. The narrator of the song accepts the fact that she can’t change some of the things that she isn’t happy about but uses that as a reason to continually get high. This a perfect example of the uglier truth that surrounds us. She isn’t necessarily preaching to others that getting high is a solution she is just displaying the truth that everybody needs to get away from their boring and somewhat difficult life in order to stay sane.
J.J. Cale was a country blues singer that was seen as very relaxed singer and not very well-known until his songs were covered by Eric Clapton. Although “Cocaine” was originally Cale’s song it is known more commonly due to the success that Clapton’s cover of the song had. In “Cocaine”, Cale continually repeats the line “she don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie, cocaine”. This alone clearly expresses his feeling that cocaine has become an honest truth that he can rely on to get through his days. He knows that cocaine will always be there for him when everything and everyone else is gone. Drug use is certainly not the best cooping skill in the world but for many people it is the way that they can numb their pain and deal with the trials of life. For many is it a consistent “friend” or form of comfort in bad times. Addicts will admit that no matter what the drug is always there and that is what helps them make it through each difficult day. This almost tortured spirit of many musicians is what I believe leads many of them to create great music that spans generations and ethnicities. Cale’s...

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