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Writing Of A Concert Review

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Writing of a Concert Review
Bob Dylan’s songs are filled with inspirational messages. The songs were composed with inspiration and creativity being the main elements of the song. The obvious messages that are presented in the songs make them some of the most inspiring and creative pieces that have ever been produced. While he was performing in the Aver Fish Hall, Dylan presented a performance of 22 songs that were performed by 21 different groups. The performance was meant to be a non-profit show, with the main focus being to raise money for educational purposes (Pareles 1).
Although Mr. Dylan was not in attendance during the show, many performances were conducted by other individuals who understood his artworks and shared the same concept with the singer. The songs were performed in their original versions although transposing was heavily employed in the performance (Pareles 1). This was influenced by the singers’ knowledge of the various aspects present in Dylan’s songs, which enabled them to present them in such a manner that they appeared similar to the original compositions.
One of the performances included that of Kirk Douglas, which was played in a different manner from the original version. In their performance, they presented the song ‘masters of war’, in which Kirk Douglas plays the guitar as an accompaniment. In the second performance, the Roots performed the song ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, which they turned into a hard-rock (Pareles 1). The performance attracted the audience of many other individuals that came to witness the different performances at the show. At the performance, the show was sorrowful and one filled with different emotions. This was influenced by the different themes that were presented in the song.
There were different instruments that were used to accompany the performance. One of the instruments included the sousaphone and the guitar (Wilson 1). These instruments were meant to influence the originality of the performance and create an accompaniment for the song. As a result, the songs sounded real and the performers were able to replicate the original versions of the songs (O'Strange 1). There were also pianos that were played according to the music’s genre. The pianos, just like the rest of the instruments, ensured that the music was perfect and that there was as much proximity to the original versions as possible.
Even in terms of the instrumentation and rhythm, all the musical notations that were performed were similar to the original version. The piano players ensured that they stuck to the eighth note formation to realize the expected results. Natalie Merchant, one of the singers, made the composition and the performance to have a mournful or sorrowful mood, so as to bring out the emotions of the songs and to establish an attachment of the song to the performance (Pareles 1). The performances were therefore inclined towards bringing out the ideal feelings and emotions associated with the song. Other...

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