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Writing Of Angels Essay

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I sighed and puffed out my cheeks, my eyes narrowed and dark. I turned my glare briefly towards the notepad to the right of my laptop before looking back out the window. The rain was perfect for a setting idea. Cold rain lashing against a tattered human as they walk sightless through the storm. Now the question (which I couldn’t answer) was what was going on? What was the story? Plot? Nothing that I could think of at the moment. Typically, I could think of something, even if it was only something short. Right now? Nothing.
“What? Little Miss Novelist having trouble with her latest creation?” I heard Shiloh call from my right with a muffled clatter of silverware.
I looked over and saw he had placed another cup of tea by me. I smiled shyly shook my shoulders to convey a slight yes. I glanced from the tea cup back to him and raised an eyebrow. I hadn’t bought another cup. No matter how good it is, I don’t have enough money to buy more than one a day.
“From the same person who wrote this,” he explained as he pulled a folded note out of his pocket.
I reached for it slowly before ripping out of his hand. I gave him a suspicious look before unfolding the note. I glared up at him, his eyes too happy and mischievous to be from anyone but him. I grabbed my small white board and a marker. Haha, very funny. There are better ways to flirt Shi.
Shiloh let out a loud brief laugh before shaking his head. “Please, you wish it was me, Charley,” he said as he ruffled my hair. “Later Charles,” he called as he walked back to his station behind the cash register.
I pouted and looked at the cup. I tapped my pencil and wondered if he was joking or not. Shiloh was so nice, but sometimes I couldn’t tell when he was serious about what he thought of me. I wanted to ask him, but he’d probably laugh it off. I think that’s the problem I’ve run into most with not being able to talk. It’s hard to express when you’re being serious or joking or sarcastic. That’s probably why I couldn’t tell him how I really felt. I put the pencil down and reached for my tea. My eyebrows shot up in surprise. It tasted like cherries. It was delicious.
You bring sun to a dark and dreary life.

My eyelids slowly started to droop down as I stared at the bright screen. I had come in later than usual today. Now it was pitch black out, what with it being another rainy day and half past seven. I had a general outline of what the main point a story written out in a small summary. My problem now was how to begin it, plot twists to throw in, characters to write, etc. Even with that process I was at a dead end of where to being. Should I start writing the characters? Write out some plot twists? I couldn’t figure it out.
I glanced out of the corners of my eyes and sighed. I looked up at Shiloh and pulled my white board towards me. I scribbled down a message before turning the board to him. Is this going to become an ongoing joke or something?
He laughed that sweet laugh of his and sighed. “You really...

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