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Writing On Two Historic Events Using Bill Bryson's Book "Down Under"

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Australian StudiesSummative Assessment Activity No 2.HMS ENDEAVOURIn Chapter Four of Bill Bryson's Book "Down Under" He starts talking about Captain Cook. In 1770 Lieutenant James Cook and his crew aboard the HMS Endeavour discovered the South-east corner of Australia and sailed 1,800 miles to Cape York, this however was not what Cook had set out to achieve but it was to play a big part in the history of Australia. Cook set off again this time to explore the lands of the South seas, and bring home anything that looked scientifically interesting. I this three year voyage, he gathered up 30,000 specimens which included 1,400 Plants never seen before. So on 19th April 1770 when HMS Endeavour returned to the South-east tip of Australia, Cook and his crew where already on a role. Cook named this spot Point Hicks and turned to the North. For Four months Cook headed up the coast. They stopped ashore at Possession Island, Planted a flag and claimed the East coast for Great Britain. Cook returned twice to the pacific on greater voyages. Cook was Murdered in 1779 and was said to be eaten by natives on a beach in Hawaii.Thank's to Cook's discoveries Australia became known. This was a unbelievable achievement and is very well known today. From reading this part of Bill Bryson's book "Down Under" I have discovered a little bit more about the way Australia was discovered, I knew a Little bit about Cook's voyages already but in reading this I have also discovered that Cook was supposedly eaten by the natives of Hawaii in 1779.Captain Cook's voyages on the ship Endeavour have a lot of relevance to Australia today. It was these voyages which later lead to the colonisation of Australia as it is today. When Captain Cook's log books of his journeys to Australia returned to England and were read, they told of wonderful green lands and open and safe bays which would be perfect to start a new colony. From this promise of being able to live quite easily the first fleet were sent to Australia and Australia became colinised. Had it not been for Cook's voyages, perhaps Australia would not have been founded by the English and the Australia of today would be far different than what it is.THE BATAVIAIn Bill Bryson's book "Down Under", Bill Bryson starts to explain the story of the Batavia. The Batavia was a Dutch ship traveling on its way to the...

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