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Writing Personal Statements Essay

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As colleges and universities diminish their reliance on LSAT and GPA numbers in the selection of students to admit, narrative submissions become more significant. The personal statement is the primary way you can make sure the people on the admissions committee are familiar with who you are -- not merely what you have accomplished. Remember that it is an essay you are preparing that should be interesting and revealing about you.Below are some suggestions you may find useful as you prepare your personal statement. Describing one's self is never an easy endeavor. Do not become frustrated ...view middle of the document...

In addition you should present the statement in a double spaced format with sufficient margins. The length should be no more than is specified by the school's instructions. If there are no instructions you should write no more than two or three pages (at most). Specificity, accuracy and truthfulness are essential. Write no more than two pages. Put your name on each page.Beyond these general observations you should avoid:- clichés- overuse of thesaurus- use of third person to refer to yourself- a title to your statement- conclusions regarding your abilities or potential- self aggrandizement- whining (i.e., why you got a C in literature 201)- making the statement a resume- procrastination in its preparation- gimmicks such as poetry, quotations, etc.- vague or obscure references- pretentious phrases- ostentatious vocabulary- appearing cynical- discussing legal conceptsConsider Including:- an interesting first sentence and paragraph- important aspects of your character and how they developed- flowing sentences and complete paragraphs- a coherent theme to your statement- explanations (not excuses) for discrepancies or problems in your academic or personal record- mention any significant obstacles you have overcome in your life- what important event(s) have shaped your life- references to deeply held beliefs and/or values

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