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Writing Portfolio Report

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Student name: Pham Thi Ha AnhClass: 12E2SELF - REFLECTIVE REPORTWriting portfolio which helps students a lot in improving important skills is one of the most effective projects of this semester. When conducting this challenging project, I had chance to practice my critical reading skill; summarizing and paraphrasing skills; reasoning skill; arguing skill and many other useful ones. Although I had to face many difficulties, I had a great opportunity to gain precious experience.In the writing portfolio project, my classmates and I had a lot of activities. Firstly, we learned different types of essays such as compare - contrast, cause - effect, argumentative essays and ...view middle of the document...

What I appreciated most in subject 4A and especially writing in this semester was sessions about argument's structure. Now I have known how to build my arguments and find evidence to support. More importantly, I fully acknowledged writing techniques which orient my pen so that I know the exact functions of each sentence instead of writing instinctively.During conducting the project, I had to face a lot of difficulties. The first one was article finding. I found it the most challenging part. Because there are innumerous articles on the Internet, it took me several days to find suitable articles to use as reference in one essay. Some were suitable in terms of content but their sources were unreliable while some are reliable but unsuitable in terms of content and length. The second difficulty was reasoning and arguing. I often wasted a lot of time in considering how to write. Because I am just a college student, sometimes I felt not confident enough to comment on professors' writing and therefore I had to consider my tone and way to reason and argue. However, after overcoming these difficulties, I realized myself grown up considerably. I could control myself when writing and stay confident whenever I grab my pen. I also gradually became quicker and more critical in finding references as well as became more flexible in using various writing skills.Writing portfolio project gave me great chance to learn and practice both writing and reading. Thanks to effective activities, I could gain a lot of precious experience, which helps me a lot not only with my academic learning but also my future career.

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