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Have you ever thought about switching the jobs of men and women? According to Brisbane, “in the way of material accomplishment, woman cannot be said to equal man at present (p.56).” Many people would agree with his opinion and think that “majority of women to be constantly caring for young infants, or young children (p.58)” while “the men had to fight, dig, hunt, drain marches and murder each other (p.57).” Although men plays in very important role in this society, women are also as equally important as men.
In the old days, most of men would play sports for entertainments while women are cooking and taking care of children. However, as years passed, women also played similar sports as men and were able to participate in Olympics. Every four years, athletics from different countries would come to one country to compete against each other. Every Olympics, there would be a lot of same sports but different genders. In every Olympics, both of men and women athletics would win in one particular sports. From last Olympic, two of the top medalists of archery were women, and the first top medalists of archery was men. By looking at these results, both women and men were able to get gold medals and become the top medalists.
Since mostly men have jobs and have to earn money for his family, they would not play with the children although they have time because they wouldn’t know how to take care of them. However, in America, people would often see fathers taking care of children when mothers are busy or not there. The students in Linden Hall often see Dr. Olson taking care of his daughter. It might be cultural shocking to some of the international students; however, it shows that the society has been changed where not only women but also men take care of children. When I was in Korea during summer vacation, I was “forced” to stay with my father on weekends because my mom had to go to her office. I thought I was going to die because of his cold personality; however, staying with my father wasn’t bad as what I thought would be. As many people see...

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