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Writing Practices Essay

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Along with written communication derive numerous advantages where Individuals express their thoughts, opinions and notions through diverse contexts. It commenced when writing was practiced in the prehistoric biosphere as early as 4000 B.C. This, also known as ancient art, advanced through several phases before the use of a written alphabet emerged. Early writing was done in hieroglyphics, or the use of symbols and pictures to represent words in order for individuals to understand one another. Consequently, writing is a creative, cultural and social practice that strengthens one’s knowledge through numerous elements.

Advantages of written communication
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Generally, writing is a combination of thoughts, ideas and opinions that form a proficient piece of script that could be written in different contexts.

Development of writing
Writing is literally the other half of communication that represents language through the engraving and the inscription of signs and symbols. It is claimed and proven by archaeologists that from the year 4000 BC to 3000 BC man (General term for humanity) and Ancient Egyptians who were well known for this, wrote or drew hieroglyphics, symbols and pictures signifying words. They scratched on moist clay tablets using bronze or bone tools and sketched on papyrus scrolls scribes using thin reed brushes or reed pens. It kept advancing for example, during the Renaissance period around the 15-1600s individuals used feathers and ink to write with until ballpoint pens were invented.
During 2700 BC the alphabet was invented in Ancient Egypt as they were written in hieroglyphics to represent syllables, mainly consonants (some had vowels to be understood by the native speaker). “Once a culture has literacy… it can develop different branches of knowledge separately and deeply.” (Gee, J. P, Hayes, E. R 2011). Since then the alphabet has spread in numerous countries still using hieroglyphics in the way it was approved. From time to time the alphabet had several changes, regardless of these alterations, literacy was low therefore it would have affected a few people, although the alphabet is profoundly conventional. Writing has progressed until understood completely as well as in divergent...

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