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Writing Processes"Writing is far from being a simple matter of transcribing language into written symbols: it is a thinking process in its own right. […] We believe that there is no point in pretending that writing is easy. Certain cognitive psychologists have described it as the most complex and demanding of all cognitive activities undertaken by human beings; because there are no rules" (White, 1991:3 & 12).As shown in this quote writing is a very complex matter. We distinguish between two approaches to how to teach academic writing: the product school and the process school. In this essay I will analyse the key aspects of these two schools to determine which school should be used to improve university students' writing.The product school can be defined as the following:"In the teaching of writing we can focus on the product of writing or on the writing process itself. When concentrating on the product we are only interested in the aim of a task and in the end product" (Harmer, 2001:257).As opposed to the product school we find the process school:"Those who advocate a process approach to writing, however, pay attention to the various stages that any piece of writing goes through. By spending time with learner on pre-writing phases, editing, redrafting, and finally "publishing" their work, a process approach aims to get tot he heart of the various skills that should be employed when writing" (Harmer, 2001:257)."The goal of this approach is to nurture the skills with which writers work out their own solutions to the problems they set themselves, with which they shape their raw material into a coherent message, and with which they work towards an acceptable and appropriate form for expressing it (White, 1991, p. 5)The first key aspect of the product school is writing is an activity that is done on one's own and in contrast to that the process school says, writing is a collaborative activity. In my opinion both assumptions are true in a university environment. For some courses a product approach is the only way writing takes place, for instance for most seminars I have done in my first language study, the writing of the seminar papers has always happened on my own, while I usually use a process approach when writing in a foreign language, since I let someone proof read my seminar papers and key points are discussed with other colleagues and friends before handing in the final draft. The process approach at this point is very helpful because people write and think differently and therefore a second or third opinion on own ideas can be very useful to make sure that the main aspects are clear and understandable to everyone. Harmer also says that "individual students also found themselves saying and writing things they might not have come up with on their own, and the groups' research was broader than an individual's normally was" (Harmer, 2001:260). White and Arendt write on this topic:"A […] challenging task which writers face is...

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617 words - 3 pages The semester spent in this course has helped me improve my writing dramatically. While in this class, I’ve learned about many things, including precis. The precis helped me not only improve how I wrote but also how I read and comprehended. Another thing I've learned about is Donald Murray's process of writing as well as Sondra Perl's process of writing. Having basic knowledge about their writing processes has helped me while composing my papers

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4834 words - 19 pages . Raimes established the model of writing process as: pre-writing, first draft, feedback, reviewing and final draft. These processes are recursive and interactive. The writing process can be further divided into seven steps: pre-writing, first draft, peer response, teacher feedback, second draft, peer response and teacher feedback. The whole process focuses on students and attaches importance to cooperation and negotiation between teachers and

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2383 words - 10 pages education and ADHD, struggle. Most educators view writing as having several processes: planning, producing, organizing, transcribing, and revising. Students must be able to both remember and relate events and their personal reflections (Carretti, Re, and Arfe, 2013, p.87). Writing is a complex process that involves both the mechanical skill of writing and the cognitive skill of storytelling. The complexity of the process can leave many students

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1441 words - 6 pages idea is to engage the student into talking through their mental thoughts and processes, writing these things down so that the student is left with a record of what the text was about, what they think will happen, some key inferences they have made and the questions they have about the text. Wilhelm tells us that, “think-alouds make invisible mental processes visible to children” (26). These invisible mental processes are those which children

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1280 words - 5 pages ; not only in my essays but in everyday life. Through the writing process, I developed a new tool that will help me in the future. An article titled Critical Thinking adds “The skills that you develop at university in critical thinking will support you in your future professional lives. Professionals constantly need to make decisions based on critical thinking, to evaluate processes and outcomes, and to reflect upon their practice” (Academic Skills


1461 words - 6 pages Related Issues, 3, 297-319. Hyland, F. (2000). ESL writers and feedback: Giving more autonomy to students. Language Teaching Research, 4, 22-54. Kitchakarn, O. (2012). Incorporating Peer Response to Writing Process. Executive Journal, 32(3), 70-76. Kumaravadivelu, B. (1994). Intake factors and intake processes in adult language learning. Applied Language Learning, 5(1), 33-71. Leki, I. (1990). Potential problems with peer responding in ESL writing

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1090 words - 4 pages , Parallel, and Perpendicular, undefined terms, midpoint, length, distance, bisect **performs basic processes, such as: ----identifying and naming Points, Lines, Line Segments, Rays, and Planes, ***use a straight edge and compass to perform basic constructions --Perpendicular Bisector --Copy Segment --use a ruler to measure line segments 1.2, 1.3, 1.5 (not angle bisectors) Fundamentals Angles (1.5 weeks) *use the Angle Addition Postulate

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1528 words - 7 pages David Pearson state that planning and drafting are very important while composing a model of reading. “Planning involves two complementary processes: goal-setting and knowledge mobilization” (Tierney and Pearson). I always find drafting so hard and confusing don’t know where to start or even if I’m writing on the right path. “Drafting is defined as the refinement of meaning which occurs as readers and writers deal directly with the print on the page

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