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Today's business world means fierce competition, aggressive marketing, and strategic alliances. The extent to which an organization succeeds or fails often depends upon that organization's ability to be awarded contracts or to attract other businesses into strategic alliances. To accomplish either one usually requires the ability to present a good written business proposal.The general purpose of any proposal is to persuade the readers to do something. Proposals may be solicited or unsolicited. Usually a solicited proposal is a document written by a person, organization, or agency who wishes to perform a job or solve a problem for another person, organization, or agency and receive funding or money for the proposed task. In most cases, proposals are developed by organizations for the following reasons:* To invite potential suppliers or vendors bid for specific products and services. (www.conferzone.com)* To propose to a business, an organization, or governing body with the goal of gaining support or funding of an idea, concept, or project that an organization has.* Respond to an RFP.In an unsolicited proposal, there is no request. For example, an employee may write a proposal to his or her manager suggesting a new idea. Both solicited proposal and unsolicited proposal may take the form of a simple letter, or be fully blown tender response. However, the purpose is much the same in any situation; writers want to convince their audience that they have something to offer. In addition, proposals are often prepared in response to a request for proposal (RFP). An RFP is a formal request to vendor for a proposal of products or services, and will usually be some form of specification. (www.odl.state.ok.us) The RFP might be open, for example advertised in news paper, or it might be private.The degree of formality of a proposal is in direct proportion to the situation that gives rise to it. When writing a proposal, writers must be very careful to write as formal and complete a proposal as the situation call for. Preparing a proposal is usually best organized as a project. A successful proposal is one...

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796 words - 4 pages often based on subjective opinions and impressions rather than objective facts” (Sullivan 109). With this in mind, it is reasonable to say that their writing techniques will differ when writing specific writing genres, such as proposals. Although their purpose for writing a proposal will defer because of the tasks and expectations each has to meet, proposals play an important role in both fields, and they both aim to receive support from their

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1229 words - 5 pages proposal writing! This however, does not include revisions made due to addendums to R.F.P.s. Below is a summary of cost incurred by the XYZ Company through FY 1999. It should be noted that XYZ Company has generated hard copies of every proposal written for not only the clientele but also our Sales Executives, in order to keep them abreast of changes. This was to ensure that the Sales Executive could respond to all questions as concisely and

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633 words - 3 pages Jonathan Swift, a writer in the 1700s, wrote an article entitled “A Modest Proposal.” In his writing, Swift proposes an idea that he believes will prevent the children of the Irish poor from becoming a burden to their parents and country. Throughout Swift’s article, he adopts an informative tone in order for his suggestion to be viewed as an actual solution to the poverty issue sweeping Ireland. In the 1700s, English landlords taxed the Irish

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1050 words - 4 pages groups of breeders and ones to be sold off “to the persons of quality and fortune” (A Modest Proposal). Most of how he describes the children in numerical terms demonstrates how England treated the population as if they were just numbers verses actual people (Conditions). Also, the people seem as if they’re treated like animals based on the way Swift describes them in his writing. “I rather recommend buying the children alive, and dressing them hot

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1084 words - 4 pages equipment, travel, and postage. All itemized costs should be based upon available price information. If we are going to be successful in writing proposal to fund projects, we must first establish credibility with the prospective funding foundation. There are several formats in writing a proposal. Formats are nothing more than consistency in the way information is presented. In itemized budget, the flow and internal consistency are important factors

Design and Budget Elements of Proposal Paper

1094 words - 4 pages that are common to many projects, such as computers, special equipment, travel, and postage. All itemized costs should be based upon available price information. If we are going to be successful in writing proposal to fund projects, we must first establish credibility with the prospective funding foundation. There are several formats in writing a proposal. Formats are nothing more than consistency in the way information is presented. In itemized

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1043 words - 4 pages Bengels' Swift's A MODEST PROPOSAL; and Erin Hoepfinger's DISCOVERING JONATHAN SWIFT THROUGH DERRIDA, MILLER, AND DE MAN this paper will show how Swift creates empathy for the poor and their children with his unique writing style. Swift's proposal, which is in the unique form of a political pamphlet, shows the reader the reality about Ireland; specifically the way the poorer people are treated and the way they are thought of by

The Potato Famine in A Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift

782 words - 4 pages The novel A Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift is a satirical piece about the poverty of the Irish during the Irish potato famine. The author’s credentials is that swift himself is Irish and is witnessing the issue himself. The author’s purpose of writing the novel is to convince people to his proposal and help regenerate a poverty stricken nation. The audience is aimed to the Irish and wealthy. The audience is supposed to be convinced by his

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1019 words - 5 pages as meat would be almost impossible. There was no mention of how someone would go about writing a law that uses infant children as meat. There are some questions that can stem from this. For example, if one parent wanted to sell and one didn’t who would have the final say? Since the proposal was written in 1729 it is probably safe to assume that the father or grandfather if there was one would have the final say. Another question is to be

Superiority of A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift Over The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

774 words - 4 pages “A Modest Proposal” written by Jonathan Swift is without a doubt superior to the satire “The Lottery” written by Shirley Jackson. In order to master the intense task of writing a satire the author must put the reader in admiration, and that is exactly what Swift does. “A Modest Proposal” is an excellent piece, and shows Swift’s piercing wit and biting sarcasm. Although this satire was composed within 1729 it still holds the bite and shocking

Overpopulation and Poverty in Ireland in A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

690 words - 3 pages A Modest Proposal was written in an attempt to open the people of Ireland’s eyes about the overpopulation, poverty, and young thieves on the street. Jonathan Swift, in his writing, A Modest Proposal, uses a unique way to get people’s attention on the problems at hand. Swift’s purpose is to give the people of Ireland something they cannot possibly ignore. He adopts a disappointed tone in order to make his audience feel like they did something

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