Writing Reflection Of The Story Called "The Poor Man"

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Name: Đặng Thị Quỳnh TrangClass: 13E4WRITING REFLECTION 1I was impressed by the story in the English class last week which was called "The poor farmer". In this reflection, I want to give a brief summary of the story based on my remembrance from last lesson.The story reflected the persistence of a farmer in asking Jade Emperor for the answers to the questions that he, a carp and a tree could not come up with. The three questions were why the farmer could not escape the poverty, why the carp could not turn into a dragon and why the tree could not bear fruits despite their hard effort. After a long and hard journey, in a dream, he met Jade Emperor and had a chance to ask the Emperor only two questions. Eventually, he decided to sacrifice his own question. Given the answers to their questions, the tree and the carp were very happy and expressed their gratitude towards the farmer by giving him a pearl and a chunk of treasure which were, according to the Emperor, the obstacles that prevented them from achieving what they wanted. Since then, the farmer had had his dream of being wealthy come true.The messages delivered in the story required us to think deeply in order to fully understand as they do not appear in the spoken words themselves. The first thing I learned from this story was the necessary, good qualities to achieve what we desire, which were mostly possessed by the farmer. Obviously, this man was so ambitious. He had an ambition of becoming rich and determinedly sought for the reason why he was still poor no matter how hard he worked. In his longest and hardest journey imaginable, the journey to the heaven, he appeared to be very strong willed, brave and faithful to his initial intention and ultimately, was able to finish it without changing his mind. In the conversation with the Emperor, he was shown to be a very selfless man. This was proved by the fact that he chose to ask for the two questions of the carp and the tree, ignoring his own one. After helping the tree and the carp, he walked slowly to his home without asking for anything in return despite his previous great sacrifice. This proved his honesty and kindness, which perhaps was the main reason why the tree and the carp gave him those pricey items willingly. The other reason, in my opinion, may be that the tree and the carp could not find those precious objects useful for any purpose.The second message the story was supposed to give to us, I think, was that luck only comes to those who persevere in doing what they intended to do. The farmer in this story was undeniably so lucky. He was lucky enough to receive such valuable items in return for his help. Some people may believe that this man did not deserve what he earned eventually because it did not come from his great qualities. While I agree that it did not come from his own qualities directly, I strongly believe that he at last became rich thanks to his own qualities indirectly. If he had not been strong...

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