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Writing Review

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My post-diagnostic score was 54 out of 74, while the score on the pre-diagnostics test was 57. This post-diagnostic score is lower than what I expected, and it indicates that I still need to work mostly on my grammar. I realize that most of my assignments still contain many technical errors, especially stilted sentences, vague pronouns, or even comma splices. This is because I am not a native speaker of English and I am still in process to master how formal English is properly written. Apart from grammar problems, I realize that English 1302 significantly improved my writing skill, especially in composing a literature review and research argument. Moreover, I am now able to effectively ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, I learn to make correct assumption about my audience. For instance, as my audience is instructors in higher education, I assumed that they value students’ academic performance. This assumption plays critical role in governing my choices in my writing and further determining the success in persuading the intended audience to believe with my argument. My biggest problem in composing research argument is that I tend to make unsupported claims. For instance, I state that “Facebook could lead to attention deficit disorder in students” without providing source that supports this claim. To overcome this problem, I simply delete the unsupported claims in my paper. Another problem is that I did not show enough connection between the sources and my arguments. To revise this, I add few sentences that discuss further about the sources and how they relate to my claim.
By taking English 1302, I learn how to find, evaluate, and incorporate sources. For instance, I learn that quotations are not always good and it is better to paraphrase the information, especially in literature review. My instructor taught me that if we could paraphrase the information in our own words, it means that we better understand the source material. Yet, if the author’s words are really significant to the intended audience, we could quote it; but, it should not be lengthy. For instance, I quote, “’further result in a conflict of interest, loss of objectivity, and an erosion of professional relationship.’” This is because the words in this quote are compelling and could make a significant sense that might lose if I paraphrase it. Dealing with sources is not always easy. I face...

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