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Writing The Essay

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"The Necklace," Guy de Maupassant effectively employs a very dreary mood, despondent character and a surprise ending to develop the idea that when an individual is overcome by greed, that person has an excessive desire to obtain material wealth to feel self sustained.

“The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant is about a girl who lives a poor and unfortunate life. She dreams of living in a high class society with many riches and jewels. She sees herself as something important and a person that everyone should respect as a valuable person. The only way Mathilde Loisel can be satisfied with herself and be content is by having expensive objects in her possession. Unfortunately for her she does not ...view middle of the document...

Because once they get that object that they desire they can finally feel satisfied for a short period of time until they have that strong desire again. To attain a special object that they feel will make them happy, but it's just a temporary emotion.

Lots of people think that objects can make them happy and having expensive luxurious items will imply to everyone that they are important and special. So that they will be given special treatment by everyone else. In reality the only person that can make them happy is themselves because all emotions are made and changed inside their own brain. Sometimes bad things happen in your life and you feel sad, or mad or happy. But the only person that can change that is yourself because it affected you. That person can obtain every expensive luxurious apparel or clothes in the world, and they still wouldn't feel satisfied because what they need isn't physical it's internal. Greed is a hard addiction to come by and is very hard to break it, because it is in relation to emotions and delight. That is the only source of contentment they can receive by cause of not being able to find joy from within themselves or from actions that they do. Instead of inanimate object tend to the strong need that they have for fancy items for a while. Those objects most times have no meaning of feeling to them they're are just there to make a person feel appeased.

Mathilde Loisel has the tendency to selfish crave for herself. A disproportionate desire for various things like money, wealth, social status. She is like this because she is lacking something important and can't find a way to full-fill that desire. So she seeks for something that can provide her comfort and make her satisfied with her life and her surroundings. Once she gets that thing to eliminate that strong desire ( because it is an annoying feeling and be...

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