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Writing To Escape Reality Essay

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Writing, to me, is a fun way to escape the harsh reality of being an overworked, hormonal high school teenager. When I was younger, I loved to write short stories in an old spiral notebook, and I hoped to become published one day. I loved to have my mind wander to the furthest corners of the galaxy to jot down a few magical stories. Now, I still uphold this silly childhood dream of mine. I still keep a small journal full of funny quotes, funny recollections that happened throughout the day, any worries, hopes, and goals that I may have. I love to shape words and sentences into works of art.
I first started to write for fun when Santa gave me a Lisa Frank velvet journal for Christmas when I ...view middle of the document...

I filled it with childhood fantasies I wished would come true. Some things I wished for were getting a horse, living in a castle, and having five hundred cats.
In middle school, I was an average student in honors classes. Being in harder classes helped me build my writing skills, as well as learn some short cuts to writing bibliographies and citations. My teachers did not push me to exceed expectations on writing assignments, and they graded too easily with little feedback for me to further improve myself and my writing. The only good thing that helped me with my writing was D.E.A.R. after lunch time. D.E.A.R. stood for Drop Everything And Read. During this time, every student had to read every school day for a full half hour. We also were required to write a quick response in a notebook as to what we were reading at the time and our opinions about it the book itself. Although it seemed silly to take time everyday to read and write, it actually helped me express myself and talk about the books I was reading.
When high school crept around, I felt confident writing essays, stories, and other writing assignments for my classes. Then it came to the dreadful time to write a research paper in sophomore year English. I never understood how I kept messing up on research papers. I failed my seventh, eighth, and ninth grade research papers because none of my teachers helped us compose them correctly. Sophomore year turned out to be no different than the rest. I composed a four page essay on zebras. We took an entire month to gather...

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