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Steve Maraboli stated in his book, "Life, The Truth, and Being Free," "When we are judging everything, we are learning nothing." Some point in every person's life they have experienced others questioning or misunderstanding them. Growing up, and especially in high school I was very athletic. I played tennis and lacrosse all four years of high school, played powder-puff football, and was even the assistant-coach for the girl's field hockey team. Being so athletic other students had the illusions that I wasn't smart or even did my work because I was so involved in other activities in the school. However, this was completely incorrect. In reality, I was A straight A student with a 4.0 GPA. Yes I was very busy with sports and other extra curricular activities, but I learned to manage time. It is frustrating to have someone think that I am dumb just based on the facts that I am very involved in sports. No one should just look at a person, and judge them without actually talking and getting to know him/her. Although, many of us wish that others could get to know us before judging, that's not the case unfortunately.There have been many myths and stereotypes that have gone around about me that aren't true. Being an Indian girl, many assumptions were made about me. Starting with my family, people assumed that my parents must own a 7/11 convenient store and there must be someone in the family that's a doctor. This however was not true. My mother is actually a lawyer and my father owns a grocery store. Yes, my brother is a doctor but not due...

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1221 words - 5 pages that datas so interestingly., and practically, and how they improve their data platform and also they make people utilize big data by their ‘big query’. And what we can learn about from their innovative activity in bigdata era. Google do a lot of interesting projects using bigdata to change lifes of people One of the most interesting things that google use bigdata is ‘google translate’. In past, there were many trying to make high quality

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671 words - 3 pages axis. The Fertile Crescent’s inventions and innovations are nowadays used on a daily basis nearly everywhere in the world. Without irrigation, crops would be a lot harder to get in countries where there is not a lot of rain. The wheel helped transport things easier and making machines less complicated and harder to make. It because easier to record information with writing. These inventions made out life easier, in the past, now and will in the future. The wheel, writing and irrigation are inventions and innovations which were created a long time ago, are still used today, and will still used for many more years to come. Works Cited Informative Essay

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1635 words - 7 pages We've Got the Power to Change the World! It is a daily event that students contemplate spending their hard-earned dollars on everything ranging from necklaces and lingerie to DVD players and video games. Perhaps it is time to reconsider the value of $1. Each student should take a moment to ask him or herself, ''How far can $1 go?'' or, ''What can $1 buy?'' In answering such a question, I expect many students to respond that a dollar has

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763 words - 4 pages wounded soldiers in the hospitals. Also she was very involved in fundraising drives and made overseas trips to see if the Red Cross were receiving everything that they needed. She showed a lot of leadership qualities at the Red Cross. This impacted our world today because the Red Cross is still helping others in need of help. Also giving them hopes that something good will happen so and that they are not alone. Roosevelt was a helpful person but

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1016 words - 5 pages Rock. Putting together $250,000 apiece along with another $2.5 million in investments “they started a new company named Intel, short for Integrated Electronics.” (Pbs.org/transistor). One year after Intel was founded its “first moneymaking product…the 3101 Schottky bipolar 64-bit static random access memory (SRAM) chip was released to the world...and in the same year Intel also produced the 3301 Schottky bipolar 1024-bit read-only memory (ROM

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1759 words - 8 pages either becomes forced to conform or forced to leave society. This is because the strength of the united American society is too powerful to fight. In American history, no nonconformist has the power change society. The societal mob is everlasting and forces all of its members to conform. In writing their historical pieces of literature, these authors mean to show the challenges nonconformists face as individual. It is because of this force

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734 words - 3 pages advertisement could change what the world considers normal.Prior to the 1930s, diamond rings were rarely given as engagement rings. People often thought it was a better choice like Opals, rubies, sapphires and turquoise were considered more exotic gems to give. Then the de beers went to work creating one of the most iconic ads diamonds are forever. Now all days nearly every culture from western culture to Asian use diamonds as a form expressing love and

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624 words - 3 pages to her chest, her unbound hair hanging free” (Damrosch, 594). Mrinmayi embodies everything women aren’t supposed to be. She is loud, and fearless, and she does not change for anyone. Tagore created a character that challenged the old gender stereotypes every step of the way, unlike Sita, who was the embodiment of all those stereotypes. Works Cited Damrosch, David. “Gateways To World Literature.” Volume 1: The Ancient World through the Early Modern Period. 2012. 331-648. Print. Damrosch, David. “Gateways To World Literature.” Volume 2: The Seventeenth Century to Today. 2012.593-604. Print.

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1099 words - 4 pages Writing the History of the World To write a history of the world, one must begin at a point when the world is shifting from the remnants of old empires into the modern or at least the pre modern world as we know it. During the 15th century, we begin to see a change; Europe climbs out of the Middle Ages, tosses off its religious shackles and starts evolving. The Europeans set sail and we start to see well-documented

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1625 words - 7 pages Coca-Cola’s mission statement, social, and ethical goals are helpful expressing the overall purpose of the company, and how its decisions and actions are taken. Coca-Cola’s main mission statement is to “refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value, and make a difference” (Coca-Cola). Coca-Cola wants to see an impact from what it does by creating change in the world. While Coca-Cola’s mission statement covers its

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785 words - 3 pages abilities with which to put them into practice. This group must be both academically and culturally diverse in order to maximize the scope of its abilities. Finally, and most importantly, each member must be evaluated on his desire to help others. With these criteria, it is indeed possible to select a group of talented individuals with the ability and desire to change the world. The first quality on which a member is assessed is his academic

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