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Future Fashions may encounter a few problems when they introduce the new computerized system and will have to alter their older fashioned ways to a more modern style, and become a successful E-business. As the employees are used to a more traditional way of working it may take a while for them to settle into the new system. Some of the problems that may occur include:·The employees may not be able to cope with the high tech computerised equipment they are being made to deal with. For many of them it may be a new and challenging experience as they will probably not be used to the latest arrangement. To avoid this, instruction manuals could be used to educate the employees. Another option could be training but this would be expensive for every employee and the company may feel they do not want to waste so much money when a user guide would be cheaper and still do the job, and not necessarily better.·Not all of them will be able to learn how to operate computers properly as they may be older workers and not have the ability to change their way of working round completely. They may also be slow to pick up on things and could cause the productive speed of Future Fashions and fellow workers to be decreased. To make it simpler they could have user friendly screen layouts and make the user guides basic and straight to the point with diagrams explaining fully what to do.Opening the spreadsheet1.Go to the start button. You will find this sitting in the bottom left hand corner of the screen2.Click on it by pressing down on the left hand button of the mouse.3.A list should appear when you have done this. Move the mouse upwards till you reach programs and then move it over top the right, in the direction of the arrow. Move it upwards till you come to Microsoft Excel and click on it to open it.Entering Employee detailsA spreadsheet should appear on your screen. When it does you can start putting the relevant information in. You do this by double clicking on a cell (the rectangles) and then typing...

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2583 words - 11 pages In the era of globalization, information and Communication Technology (ICT) becomes the most important resource to people in their daily living activities. This is because; ICT can make people find the information easier and faster. Nowadays, ICT becomes part of their daily life such as in doing their work, to communicate each other faster, disseminate information quicker and many more with just a one click. Most of the company prefers using IT

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670 words - 3 pages computer has advantages and disadvantages and it depends on the computer user (Prensky,2005b,p.8). Secondly, this essay will expose information and communication technologies (ICTs) which are important in the education process of young people today and how this could be seen as beneficial. In particular, the focus will be on the effective web technology in education process. Firstly, Information technology includes both the hardware and

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4022 words - 16 pages Information and Communication Technology. Today, the very word I.C.T. is presumed by everyone, and it has penetrated the very verge of pedagogical. Once, it was the era in which one who didn't know writing and reading treated as illiterate, but in our age lack of restraint over I.C.T. is treated as illiteracy. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has also created a new scope and perspective for Research Methodology of every sphere.This

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1079 words - 4 pages changes in making the social stop a “one stop solution” will encourage users to spread the knowledge in the organization without making multiple requests to support services for training sessions or end user documentation. The “hard” resources of an IT support staff will be reserved in a tier system designed for reducing the operational costs of having tier three support personal (those who program or provide high level networking or

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1593 words - 6 pages documentation in place prior to the installation, but we needed to adjust as certain coding had changed. We initiated the new phone system first thing on a Monday morning, and by noon the users seemed to be adjusting quite well. Voice mailboxes were re-initialized, the system was user friendly and even with the additional lines added to the phone, the users had no problem adapting. We adjusted the minor changes within the documentation and called it

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2616 words - 10 pages very beneficial to those in the video game industry. Information designers can aid in the process of video game creation by generating documentation that is concise and decipherable to those creating the video game that in turn is beneficial to the end user, the consumer, because they end up with an enjoyable video game title. As Houser and Deloach’s research demonstrates, several different facets of document standardization in the industry

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1599 words - 6 pages more organized in the process of writing the program.One of the first things you will need is a program documentation sheet. A program documentation sheet is a form which contains spaces for you to write various information about your program. One program documentation sheet is required per program.What a program documentation sheet contains are these sections:Program - write the name of your programProgrammer - write the name of the person who

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1418 words - 6 pages language. When a program makes use of these features, the program may be much more complex and much more difficult to maintain.In UNIX because the C language was written to be used to implement an operating system rather than a traditional "input-processing-output" application, use of these sophisticated features is quite easily done from the C language without writing any assembly language.In addition, the documentation for these sophisticated

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1964 words - 8 pages Adobe PhotoShop. The letters are produced in a Word Processing programme, (Microsoft Word), and they are personalised for each school by the use of Mail Merge between the Database Programme and the Word Processing Programme. This saves them a lot of time which would have been needed to type in all the names individually. To complete this task would be a near impossibility without the use of ICT - writing near on three

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5762 words - 23 pages ------------------------------------------------------- Some of the factors that influence the ability and the desire to learn of a group of students on the second year of an AVCE in ICT at Wakefield College have been examined in order that the learning process can be understood and therefore more effectively managed. 4.2.1 The Course Provision and Group Members The Project Management module is one of 12 units that are studied as

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4934 words - 20 pages qualifications including business, which again would give him an advantage over Chantelle. She explains her duties and responsibilities and perhaps should have considered the job description and person specification before writing this as she could have expanded on the points which they desire such as communication skills and ICT skills as sorting mail is not appropriate for this job. CV Chantelle has made mistakes with

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2673 words - 11 pages will provide a framework to enhance the productivity of key sectors of the economy and promote the development of new ICT-based and knowledge-intensive industries Use of data for communication purposes:  Develop simple, user-friendly documentation about the programme tailored to relevant audiences, e.g. children, parents, victims/survivors, communities, justice professionals and the general public / media to assist advocacy and facilitate