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Writings About Mississippi By Eudora Welty

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Eudora Alice Welty practically spent her whole life living in Mississippi. Mississippi is the setting in a large portion of her short stories and books. Most of her stories take place in Mississippi because she focuses on the manners of people living in a small Mississippi town. Writing about the lives of Mississippi folk is one main reason Welty is a known author. Welty’s stories are based upon the way humans interact in social encounters. She focuses on women’s situations and consciousness. Another thing she mostly focuses on is isolation. In almost all of Welty’s earlier stories the main character is always being isolated. Throughout her short stories, a hidden message is always evident. ...view middle of the document...

After starting to publish fiction, Welty was on the staff of a New York Times book review. She traveled to France, Italy, England, and Ireland. The time when she was writing she had extended residencies at a few universities. Welty is also known as the first woman to enter Peterhouse College(“Eudora Welty”). Eudora Welty may have traveled around to different cities and states, but she always anchored herself in Jackson, Mississippi.
Eudora Welty did not have any kids or even a husband. Therefore the only family she had lived in Jackson. This may be a reason to why she constantly returned home and why a good portion of her stories take place in Mississippi. Her nice, modest, and polite attitude always made people around her comfortable. Welty was greatly respected for her “southern hospitality.” This attitude is portrayed in most of Welty’s short stories.
Eudora Welty used the most strangest characters to personify human interactions. Characters in her book include murderers, psychotics, suicides, deaf-mutes, the mentally retarded, the senile, and a group of people known as “commoners.” Welty used completely opposite people to show, how they react and can overcome a problem. Metropolitan reviewers make superficial comparisons with Faulkner and Poe(Bryant 261). Comparing Eudora Welty to Faulkner and Poe is rather strange. She may have wrote about murders, but the stories were not creepy or weird. Welty simply used these characters to grab the attention of readers.
In almost all of Welty’s early short stories, the main problem is isolation. The fact of isolation , whatever its nature, provides the basic situation of Eudora Welty’s fiction (Warren 3882). Isolation was a growing theme, maybe because Welty felt alone in the world. Growing up with two older brothers might have been hard. Maybe all of her parents attention went to the boys. Why did Eudora Welty write about isolation? The answer to that question is simple, she felt alone in the world. Welty did not have any children or a husband actually. Her only family lived in her hometown. When Welty’s father and eventually her mother passed away, she did not have any close family left. She felt alone in a world full of people. In Welty’s “Livvie Is Back,” Solomon takes Livvie, his wife, into the deep country. He makes sure Livvie stays away from the farm hands by keeping her inside the house. Livvie misses her family and wishes to interact with the workers. One may have to read this short story a couple times to catch the isolation theme.The main character Livvie feels isolated from her family, the workers, and Solomon himself. Finally towards the end of the story Livvie is able to overcome the isolation by falling in love with one of the farms hands. When one thinks of isolation, they may picture a person being the only one on the planet. However, that is not the case with Welty’s stories. The isolated person tries escaping into the world or the special predicament is discovered by the...

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