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Writings Guidelines And Issues Essay

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In "How to Say Nothing in 500 Words," Roberts convincingly argues that writing has many guidelines, which should be followed when one is writing in order to construct a system for students to assist them in their writing. Roberts uses imagery, an anecdote of college football player’s daily rituals, a confident tone, hyperbole, and the removal of euphemisms to argue that his writing guidelines are correct. Roberts’ strong writing helps him make a good case that a writer should follow his guidelines; while, some people may not agree with his guidelines. I think they are simply brilliant because the article is trying to help one comprehend a way of writing that helps the reader understand ...view middle of the document...

Roberts’ emphasizes imagery, as a tactic to improve the comprehension of the reader as well as adding a certain quantity of imagination. The main point of using imagery is to try to give the reader a better understanding of a topic. Using examples of imagery in one’s writing is unquestionably a respectable guideline to follow. Those who argue that imagery is a waste of time and that the writer should just get to the point fail to understand that it is imagery, among other literary devices, that serves to illuminate and bring to life the very point that the writer is trying to convey. Roberts is correct when he advocates for the use of images.
Professor Roberts also uses an example of an anecdote of a college football player’s daily rituals to enhance his writing. For instance, take the anecdote that Professor Roberts discusses about the daily activity and rituals of a college football player’s life and the difficulties that come with such a task of balancing schoolwork and his football career. Professor Roberts writes, “Another reason for abolishing college football is that it is bad for the players… He just feels like dropping off to sleep after dinner, and then the next day he goes to his classes without having studied and maybe he fails his test” (Roberts 2). This anecdote employs imagery to aid the readers understanding associated with the struggles encountered by the college football players. One could even argue that it doesn’t make sense to say that every football player is the same and that they all have different characteristics. One can say that just because one player doesn’t study because he is too exhausted doesn’t mean another player isn’t going to study. Undeniably the main point that Roberts is trying to get across is the purpose for this anecdote, which is to help the reader visualize and understand what a standard athlete may face.
Professor Roberts also likes to use a confident tone that can encourage the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view. When Roberts writes, “take the less usual side” (Roberts 4), he uses a strategy that intrigues the reader and displays a tone of confidence because if one is taking the less usual side that individual is most likely very confident about what he is going to discuss. More importantly, Roberts writes, “Don’t worry too much...

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