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Writings Of Robert Browning During The Victorian Era

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The Victorian time period started in 1837 when Queen Victoria took the throne. The people living in England that were ruled by Queen Victoria at the time, were called “Victorians”, this congregation of people were also said to be very “stuffy, prudish, hypocritical and narrow minded” (Everett). During this time period, if you were at the nobles rank you were the very best you could be and everyone wanted to be at that rank.
Even the literature during this time had a lot to do with social improvement (Everett). Although Robert Browning was technically a “Victoria poet” he did not go along with the “typical Victorian style” that everyone from this time period was used to, Robert Browning had a very different style that included violence and many different dramatic verses (
In 1812 on May 7th, Robert Browning was born (The comp. Poetical works of Browning) . He was born in the Parish of St. Giles in Camberwell, London to a middle-class family Browning was the oldest of three children. Browning`s family consisted of a boy and two girls. Browning`s younger sister, Clara, died during childbirth, while his other sister, Sarianna, outlived him. Robert Browning and his family were always very close, and he was also taught many good values from his father, who conducted most of his education and is said to be why his writings were so strange (The Comp. Poetical works of Browning). When browning was twelve years old he wrote his first small piece of poetry which was quite good for a young man or even women at his age, but as advanced as his talents were, Robert Browning did no writing in between the ages of thirteen and twenty (Knipp).
When browning was also at the age of twelve he wrote a whole volume of Byronic versus and could also speak four languages fluently, these languages included, Greek, Latin, French and English (Knipp). Browning got married in 1832, But this caused him not write much during these years due to his wife’s awful illness that ended up killing her. One of Browning`s first works was “Pauline: A Fragment of A Confession. This literary work, along with almost every other one of his works expressed a very dramatic monologue and also embodied many of his own adolescent passions and problems.
In 1842 Browning wrote about the fifth duke of Ferrara during the Italian Renaissance and his early demise of his last duchess in “My Last Duchess” (Knipp). Browning wrote many very popular pieces of poetry including “Home Thoughts from Abroad”, where he expresses how home sick he is and reminisces on the beautiful scenery back home and how people living there now are not appreciative enough of where they live. In many of Browning`s works such as “Caliban” he reveals his views on ceanindom Browning says “We are all flawed creatures who know nothing of anyone or ourselves”. Some of Browning`s themes were very dark, dramatic, and heavy but on the other hand few were light in its verses, one, “how they brought the good news from...

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