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Writings On The Wall Essay

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Street art has a purpose in our society by giving artists a way to express themselves and should be recognized as a legitimate art form since it’s on display for the public to see. Street art is a form of graffiti viewed as a visual art that is placed on public buildings and walls without permission. Street art is frowned upon because it uses an unconventional canvas and medium. Although street art is not allowed by law, it’s growing in popularity for street artists to be commissioned for their talents by major companies. Some cities are starting to provide legal areas where street art is permitted. The view that the public has on street art is widely influenced by the purpose of the art. Many street artists, like Banksy, just want their pieces to be seen and usually have no hostile intentions towards the property owner. Many of the large pieces of artwork are planned and the artists use their own style to create them using creative components. These artists are even making it into the corporate world.
Street artists are making the transition to commissioned artists, and it’s becoming more common for major corporations to seek out street artists to work for them. For instance, Smirnoff, Coca-Cola, MTV, and even Microsoft hire street artists for advertising campaigns (Art Career Project website). The corporations that are hiring these artists know that this particular form of advertising attracts younger shoppers. Street artists like this because it gives them the opportunity to pursue a career in something they’re passionate about.

Advertising isn’t the only way street artists get paid for their artistic talents, city officials and building owners are also commissioning them. Their talents are being used to create large artwork to cover up tagging and other unauthorized graffiti. They are also hired to simply add color and expression to a bland surface. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have data about this type of career, street artists are starting to be celebrated as true modern artists (The Art Career Project website).
Some city officials have given street artists a place in their cities to create murals and other art pieces. Many people who visit large cities enjoy the local art in museums and galleries, but the art that is equally important to a community is not appreciated. If these artists were to have a place to legally display their work, it could potentially strengthen communal unity. In Toronto, Canada, a group of city staffers with experience in art and design, have created a panel to address their graffiti issues. The Toronto council isn’t proposing graffiti to be legalized but are experimenting with the idea of permitting places in their city for individuals to leave their mark. David Liss, the director of Toronto’s Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, told Larry Humber in his article titled Graffiti: is it art or vandalism?, “Certainly the Queen West Alley has some great work, so I’m in favour of...

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