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Going to college is more than a transition in life it's a rebirth. Everything changes so fast that one really has to live off their wits sometimes. New situations arise every day and real life is finally making itself apparent. Responsibilities become a way of life to the truest possible form. Sure there are friends and people to help along the way but self-discipline and diligence become daily watchwords. Living life now is based more on what is already ingrained into the individual versus what mommy and daddy have to say. With the written word being one of the most powerful and inspirational tools in the world, what could be more useful to an individual attending the transition to college than literature? Without books our predecessors would leave us in the intellectual dark. There are so many lesson taught by the books one reads. Books have the power to influence the way people think and act. High school summer reading lists are designed to better prepare the student for the following academic year. Why not compile a list that would be as beneficial to the college student as summer reading is to high school. With each and every book that is consumed, the human mind is only more expanded than before. There are lessons to be learned in every single piece of work published. In the following books; Animal Farm by George Orwell, The Old Man and the Sea by Earnest Hemmingway, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, and Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, many values are touched on and many lessons are learned. These are lessons that wouldn't necessarily be touched on before one ventures out into the collegiate way of life to make mistakes for themselves.

Each novel is more or less a guide to being a better person. It just takes a little bit of comprehension to pull them out. By reviewing these books and pulling out the major themes and underlying messages one will certainly see their moral testament to being out in the real world. Personal values like diligence are addressed. The elements of power, ignorance, and arrogance are all shown rearing their corruptive heads. Finally one of the most powerful issues, especially in college, is also portrayed brilliantly within these works and that is love.

In college it is not hard to do a little work here and there but to remain diligent and persistent in ones studies is a timeless chore. Hemmingway's The Old Man and the Sea is a remarkable tale that shouts sheer diligence. The Old Man's persistence and diligence toward catching the fish is remarkable. At the end of the book the Old Man returns from fishing and he has nothing to prove his valiant efforts. The fish he had caught is completely gone. It was eaten by sharks as he towed it back in to shore. Even though he suffers a great loss, he continues on...

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