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Written Analysis Of Oral Presentation

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Buckley (2003) identifies communication as essentially being about conveying a message to another, the process of communication is thus said to have three discrete elements: A message sender, a message and a message recipient.
The importance of communication to an individual is immeasurable, effective communication allows for a person to succeed in many aspects of their life, whether it may be in regard to their career, their friendships or indeed relationships.
Not only this, communication can allow an individual to shape their persona and how others view them. Hargie notes that the very essence of communication is the ability for a person to be able to form their own ideology and opinions thus developing themselves as an individual.
As part of the BA1 Situated communication module this trimester, I was required to research, organise and display an oral presentation to my peers and several lecturers.
Time spent in primary school whilst on placement with a fellow peer allowed me to show off my communication skills and allow an unbiased person to judge me on my communication skills.
TThis essay looks to analyse certain aspects of my communication skills that I have identified as having strength in or a development need, as noted by myself and fellow peers.
One aspect of my communication that I need to develop upon would be aspects of my non verbal communication.
During my oral presentation 100% of my peer audience (see appendix A) noted that I did not offer enough eye contact with them throughout the duration of the presentation, many additionally noting that I was perhaps too ‘note dependant’ or ‘focussing on the board too much’ whilst presenting.
Upon reflection and from reviewing my presentation recording, I can fully agree that I didn’t offer sufficient eye contact to my audience members instead I focussed primarily on my cue cards and the board
In all of these and more effective communication is key to ensuring that people know what you are trying to tell them and how you feel. Communication exists in many various forms, an important aspect being Non Verbal communication or as it is more commonly known ‘body language’.
The whole idea of communication is to deliver a message to another party, there are many conventional ways to do this however a great deal of what we wish to communicate comes primarily from our non verbal communication.
Mehrabian describes non verbal communication as a collection of behavioural cues that we use to express feelings or opinions in a non linguistical way, such as: facial expressions, eye contact, limb movements and voice qualities.
Mehrabian later conducted some research into the subject of communication and he concluded that our overall communication is split as such: 55% Body language (or non verbal communication) 38% non verbal aspects of speech and 7% verbal content.
It is clear from this that as human beings we communicate more through our body language than we do through direct speech and such when we...

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