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Myths are traditional or legendary stories, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation. The stories of Daniel Boone and the Epic of Gilgamesh are both myths, but a major difference they have is that Daniel Boone is a true and real life story, while Gilgamesh uses historical details to create the story, but it is fictional. Based off of ancient documents, we know that Gilgamesh was the king of Uruk in Mesopotamia. Boone on the other hand, was closer to our actual time period .Daniel Boone played a significant role in the exploration and settlement of Kentucky and the U.S. western frontier. On Boone’s voyage of ...view middle of the document...

Unlike the story of Daniel Boone, myths usually take historical events and switch them up to make them “fictional”, but for Daniel Boone there are countless numbers of stories that retell his life. There are recordings of everything he did or said, and the way he raised his children and courted his wife. In the myth Odysseus the author, Homer, portrayed him as really successful and made him seem like a real person, but the struggles that Odysseus goes through would be too inaccessible for regular humans to complete, which makes it easier to believe that it is a myth. The development of the story of Daniel Boone tells us how people would add quality to myths, making the heroes be the leader of their destinies. A successful myth allows the audience to identify the hero or heroes and can grow as the culture changes; it is a narrative formulation of a culture’s world view and self-concept. .The desire that the men have to know more about the gods and reconcile the relationship with the gods or elemental powers set in the force of history and the rules of the world of nature; this allows myths to form because of the journey the hero later goes through to make that connection.
Daniel Boone is the archetypal hero. He is a self-made man, a hunter, and explores who relied only on his instincts for intense trail into the wilderness. Like Campbell’s Hero on a Quest, Daniel Boone was called to the adventure of going into the wilderness; he met “mentors” o backwoods hunters, both European and Native American descent, who taught him skills associated with their way of life. Boone later was captured by Indians, on his exploration to Kentucky, and then adopted the Shawnee; he lived with the tribe for four months before he escaped after learning that they were planning an extensive attack against the colonist. He was tested, gained some allies who turned out to be his enemies. Another ally Boone made was his wife, Rebecca. Rebecca was a strong and intelligent woman who kept the family together when Daniel would go on season long hunting trips. She stuck by him through everything and when he grew old and became sick, she accompanied him on hunts, helped him game, and gained some shooting skills. She really...

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