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Written Assignment 6

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This essay examines the role of the following interpersonal skills in business: listening,
assertiveness, negotiation, feedback, persuasion, interviewing and coaching, and is based on the assumption that each skill can be ‘mastered’ by those who make the necessary effort to learn them.
According to, in the context of business communication, listening refers to “the act of mindfully hearing and attempting to comprehend (or receive) the meaning of words spoken by another (i.e. the sender) in a conversation or speech (message).” Listening
skills help utilize human resources better as one learns to use the diverse knowledge of organizational staff. It also enhances the ...view middle of the document...

d.). Ganguly (2013) found that negotiation skills help prospective employees accept a job, determine pay, understand the cultural norms and backgrounds of diverse parties, establish constructive solutions for threats/disagreements and elimination conflict and communication breakdowns at the negotiation table. A website that offers tips to better negotiation skills is (Ganguly, 2013).
Persuasion is a “learning and negotiation process” that involves “compromise, persistence, logic, dialogue, discovery to get others to buy a good idea” (Conger, 1998). Persuasion skills help managers/supervisors/salespeople/executives/marketers establish credibility and emotionally connect with their audience, transfer ideas effectively and use evidence to influence others to take action. offers tips for enhancing persuasion skills (Conger, 1998).
Feedback refers to “degree to which the person learns how effective he or she is at work” from supervisors, peers, subordinates, customers, or from the job (Carpenter et al, 2009, p.337). In the business context, constructive feedback can help leaders discipline poor performers, improve accountability, productivity and innovation and ensures success during periods of rapid change or instability (Petro, 2007). A website that offers instruction on developing feedback skills is:
Interviewing is a selection method used to determine whether a candidate’s personality is a good fit for a company’s organizational culture (Carpenter et al, 2009, p.379). Interviewing skills are crucial in the hiring process as it enables the interviewer to set the right tone and ask effective questions that can allow candidates to explain ideas, provide details and recommendations for the benefit of a company (Business English Pod, 2013). A website that offers instructions on improving interviewing skills is
In the business context, coaching can be defined as an approach to management or a set of skills for managing employee performance to achieve high productivity and positive performance results (Brounstein, n.d.). Coaching skills can help promote individual, organizational and team creativity for creative industry companies such as broadcasters, video game developers and advertising agencies...

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