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In this assignment, I would like to discuss about the Indian Government’s policy on banning tobacco advertisement. There are four main points in my essay which are the ideas supporting the ban, the ideas against the ban, the conflict between two parties and my personal solutions.

Firstly, why do people in favor of the policy on banning tobacco advertisement in India? According to the survey, the negative effects of tobacco on public health is alarming as there are more and more deaths caused by tobacco consumption. In World Health Organization’s research, “tobacco accounted for over 3 million deaths in 1990,” and the number of deaths caused by tobacco can rise to “8.4 million in 2020 and to 10 million in about 2030.” We all know smoking is more common in adults, however, the serious problem is that children and young adults are being attracted by tobacco. In the USA, 14-24 years old teenagers are described as “tomorrow’s cigarette business” as they are making the contribution to the revenue of the smoking industry. That is the reason why any colorful tobacco advertisements are banned as those advertisements might be the threat to induce the young generations into smoking habits. Moreover, the supporters of this ban argue that the government spends more money each year on health care than the revenue brought into the economy by the tobacco companies as it is shown that “cigarettes contributed only 0.14% of the G.D.P and the health costs roughly translated to 0.21% of the G.D.P.” Furthermore, they also declare that if people don’t spend money on smoking, the money will not disappear from the industry. Instead it is spent on other meaningful purposes which may result in making more jobs and help to reduce the unemployment rate.

Secondly, the nays see things in a completely different way. They argue that the ban on tobacco advertisement is “playing the role of a responsible nanny” as the government tries to control the citizens’ habits, and force them to do what the government wants them to do. Moreover, the tobacco companies announce that they don’t “sell the concept of smoking” by advertising their products as those who watch the advertisement may be the ones who already smoke and they would like to know the difference among brands and their prices. Also, most people who are smokers aren’t influenced by the advertisements but by their friends as shown in the Indian Market Research Bureau that “49% of the respondents said they started smoking to see what it was like, 24% said 'all my friends smoke'.” Besides, this policy may be, in return, against the government as they just ban the domestic...

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