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This paper focuses on two books, the picture book and realistic novel. I am hopeful while doing a critical analysis of these two books that it would help me to create an effective mini library in my future classroom. I would like to use it as a helpful tool to teach children how to compare the differences and similarities of the two genres and many more. I have chosen Corduroy as my picture book and Because of Winn-Dixie as my realistic novel to write on this written critique because it signifies the moral lessons about family importance and friendship.
According to Skolnick & Skolnick, Family in Transition there are three ways to defined a family. The first definition is people related by blood, marriage, or adoption and lives together. The second definition is people who offer emotional support, and support in hard times. The third definition is people who are biologically related.
Don Freeman (1968) writes this book title Corduroy is a bear that once lived in the toy department of a big store. Day after day he waited with all the other animals and dolls for somebody to come along and take him home. While looking the cover of the book, it shows vibrant illustrations that will truly captures the heart of the child and parents. Molly Bang (1991) stated that colors effect on us is very strong. One of the principles that she mentioned is that white or light backgrounds feel safer to us than dark backgrounds. The background of the last page of the book is white when Lisa held and gives a hug to Corduroy and assures him that he is a friend. The color portrays some meaning to the readers by just looking the picture on every page of this book.
It shows the specific detail of the children’s toys that emphasize the different sizes. The personality of each toy presents some emotions that you can relate if it is happy or a brave stuff animals like the big lion. Corduroy personality shows some kindness that makes you want him or hug him. The story captures about how Lisa the character in this books felt joy and found some contentment when she saw Corduroy. She does not have any doubt to buy Corduroy even though he is missing a button on his shoulder straps. This show that Lisa is willingly accepts Corduroy with or without the missing button. The word choices are very engaging on every page. It truly allows the children to be imaginative by reading it or just by looking on the illustrations.
The mother’s reaction when she saw Corduroy missing the button abruptly dismisses him. She directly judges him that he doesn’t look new. The statement gives a huge impact of how we view things, people, and how narrow-minded we are of so many things. I know I am guilty about this and I need myself to be reminded how to be positive when in the worst situation in our life happened. We should challenge ourselves to do more and to do better act. This would allow us to show a positive outlook in life for the children. It would help the children to...

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