Written/Electronic Communication In Schools University Of North Texas/School Communications And Public Relations Homework Assignment

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Caroline Ray
EDLE 5610
Week 5 Application
Written communications are essential aspects of many different entities. For schools, written communications are often used due to busy schedules and large school populations. The child development center has a very simple plan for both internal and external written communications. The simplicity of our system provides clear and direct communications, but there are some areas that need improvement.
The large majority of our internal and external communications occur via email. Our center prides itself in being eco-friendly and we only use paper when it is absolutely necessary. Typically, newsletters, notices and announcements are sent out as emails, or emails with attachments, directly to parents and teachers. This communication method is very effective at our center. Parents and teachers often comment on how simple it is for them to find information. All they have to do is search for it in their email accounts.
This email communication method was designed for the parents of our students. Most of our parent community is affiliated with UT Austin (professors, TAs, coaches, etc.). It is a very busy group of people and our administrators decided to cater our written communications to them. They knew that a physical weekly newsletter or monthly calendar would be lost in the all the other paperwork our parents tend to accumulate.
Another strength within our written communications is the simplicity of our messages. Our administrators have perfected the phrase “short, sweet, and to the point”. As stated above, I believe our parents are some of the busiest in Austin, and they have very little time to read and interpret our emails. I would say with confidence that the majority of our parents could be described as “20-second readers”. Therefore, it is essential for our administrators and teachers to send emails with direct and clear messages.
As for our internal written communications, the administrative team uses this simplistic approach to inform our staff of announcements, meetings, and trainings. The teachers are very appreciative of these short and direct...

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