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Written For Nursing School: Self Concept Is The Capability Of Being Able To See Ourselves "From The Outside"; The Picture We Gain Of How Other See Us

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SELF-CONCEPTSelf-concept is the capability of being able to see ourselves "from the outside"; the picture we gain of how other see us. This picture affects the way in which we take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and in the way we treat others. People who have a low self-concept may feel that they are not worth others attention or care. The development of self-concept does not always depend on accurate evaluations. Even if we grossly misinterpret our self-image those misjudgments become part of our everyday lives.Self-concept consists of four components, body image, self -esteem, identity, and role performance. These components are influenced by: 1) how others react to our bodies, ...view middle of the document...

Americans in today's society are bombarded with media images of girls and women who are unrealistically thin, while males are pressured to become larger and look stronger. While neither men nor women can escape the process of aging, Western society is socialized to believe that aging is a dreaded process. This is not so in other cultures. Eastern cultures look up to and respect the elderly.Any change in appearance or body function becomes a body image stressor, and will require a change in a person's perception of body image. There are many common stressors of body image amputation and facial disfigurement are the most obvious. While normal developmental processes such as pregnancy, puberty, and aging can also affect body image. Changes in a persons "normal" function caused by chronic illness such as renal disease will also require a change in a persons body image. Perry and Potter list some common body image stressors: Stroke Aging AnorexiaBlindness Pregnancy DiabetesColostomy Mastectomy ArthritisTracheotomy Incontinence ObesityIndividuals also react differently to these stressors. A businesswoman may react differently to a mastectomy than a swimsuit model. People with an altered body image may fear rejection and isolation or may have experienced it.SELF-ESTEEMWebster defines self-esteem as: belief in oneself; self-respect. Self-esteem is the combination of self-confidence and self-respect. It is the conviction that you are worthy of living. An individual's self-esteem fluctuates and is affected by life's experiences. A positive self-esteem is important because when people experience it , they feel good, they are effective and productive, and they respond to people and themselves in a healthy and positive way. A person with a negative self-esteem tends to feel unloved, unworthy, and often experiences anxiety and depression.Self-esteem stressors are different at different stages of life. For example, a child's self-esteem can be altered by an inability to met a parents expectations, sibling rivalry, or repetitive failures. Middle-aged stressors include failures in relationships and work. Also when chronic illnesses interfere with a persons ability to participate in activities it too becomes a stressor. Common self-esteem stressors listed in Perry and Potter are: Job loss Dependency on others Societal attitudes RapeDivorce Conflict with others Repeated failuresNeglect Sexuality concerns AssaultROLESOur lives bring many roles. One person may be a mother, a daughter, a student, a wife, and a worker. Though roles lay down a basic outline for performance, it also allows for a great deal of freedom. Individuals develop roles over a lifetime through socialization. Socialization is the process by which people learn the characteristics of their group, the attitudes, values and actions thought appropriate for them. We tend to become the roles we play, and these roles become incorporated into our self-concept.Ordinarily, our roles are sufficiently...

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