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Written Language Is An Important Element In The Communication System, Where Oral Language Is Strengthened By The Support Of Written Words. Ljungda

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Written language is an important element in the communication system, where oral language is strengthened by the support of written words. Ljungdahl and March (2010) stated ‘There is a close relationship between speech and writing’. The importance for children to learn various forms of written language is to use various forms of written language within different social settings. Written language is a social tool which enables humans to interpret diverse meanings as a form of communication. Children learning to read and write incorporate different forms of expression within their written language. Written languages are a delivery system for oral language (Gee and Hayes, 2011) but are prepared differently from each other. Written language provides visual examples on the child’s level of understanding by their ability to read and write, therefore children need diverse range of written language to be exposed to. Children provided with a range of written contexts develop a clear ...view middle of the document...

Professionals learn their industries language by attending an institution to develop and understand their industries written and spoken language. Symbols represent written words to convey their message. Symbols decrease miscommunication with different cultures where language barriers exist by providing symbols interpreting the same meaning for most cultures. Symbols in everyday society aids various humans to follow simple directions to a destination that they require, which could be a bathroom where the symbol would have a picture of a man and women on different doors to separate genders for privacy. Written languages contain different forms of text-types, which structures written language in various ways and serve different purposes (Ljungdahl, 2010). Ljungdahl and March provide five examples of text-type commonly used in written language Recount text-type is when the writer gathers information on a past event and describes where the event was, who attended the event, what happened at the event and when the event happened additional the writer provides a personal reflection of the event. The writer provides the reader instructions and steps to follow during an experience to achieve outcome. The writer provides instructions in a sequence for the reader to follow. An argument text-type is when statements are supported by evidence on a topic or belief that the writer feels strongly for or against. The writer’s opening statement is the strongest in the entire paper. Explanation text-type explains how and why scientific and technical areas occur and provides logical explanation sequence to events according to time (Ljungdahl, 2010) Information report text-type for upper primary school students where the report defines a subject and provides information relating to the report topic (Ljungdahl, 2010) Children demonstrate their learning through written language by using their imagination by writing stories or the recount of past events; preschool convey their imaginations and thoughts through their drawings but as children age their drawings are replaced with written skills to express their imagination, thoughts and ideas. Children will further develop their writing by sharing their written material with other children to gain ideas on diverse forms of storytelling.

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