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Examining The Behavior Between Media And Antisocial Aggressive Behavior In Teenagers

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Nowadays, aggressive and violent behaviour have been said to be caused by media violence in many researches. Media violence has been defined as “visual portrayals of acts of physical aggression by one human or human-like character against another” while violent behaviour is defined as overt and intentional physically aggressive behaviour against another person.
I found that PsycINFO database from Ovid is useful and reliable as apart from providing clear reference details for every text, it highlights keywords in search results, and this really raise efficiency. The following three research papers are the most relevant sources for this topic.
The increased public concern about the effects of violence displayed by different media, including television, the Internet, and computer games on children and youth, has raised to the question of whether it affects children’s and adolescents’ attitudes or behaviours bears obvious interest. Thus, this study were interested in how the media might affect deviant behaviour, especially violent and aggressive behaviour, in youth under the age of 18.
This study was aimed to examine the relation between television, computer games, and the Internet use and antisocial aggressive behaviour in teenagers and whether this relationship is different for males and females.
There were two hypotheses included:
1. Media use patterns related to computer video games and the Internet (interactive media) will be different for male and female teenagers.
2. Computer video games and the Internet will have a higher impact than will television on aggressive behaviour.
Participants in this study were 93 students (51 female, 42 male) aged 13 to 18 years , from the same state high school and socioeconomic level.
A brief socio-demographic scale and a modified inventory of antisocial behaviour were used to conduct the experiment.
Raw data was analysed with a set of analyses. Results show gender differences in the relation between media use and preference for violent media and direct and indirect aggressive behaviours.

In conclusion, the hypotheses were supported. However, it obtained some irrespective results, which the effect of the media on antisocial behaviour is probably a result of a general deficit in socialization. Unexpectedly, females’ global aggressive behaviour was more sensitive with the amount of media use than males'. On the other hand, interactive media, which are much more reinforcing and addictive than is television, were a significant predictor of antisocial aggressive behaviour.
Further research was suggested to use a larger sample of subjects and more fine-tuned variables to explore the complexity or the relation between the media and antisocial aggressive behaviour. In term of gender, patterns of media use and media effects on aggression in males and females must be more systematically addressed.

Most of the previous studies had investigated children’s viewing of televised violence would short-term increases in...

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