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I’m Minimus!! Gah oh no… I’m dying; I got an f on my test!!! No I’m literally dying!!! Okay, well I’m sure there’s a bit of a misunderstanding going right now, but you’ll have to excuse me for a bit because I’m currently in the process of loosing copious amounts of blood at the moment…

Undisclosed amount of time later…

Hey, sorry about that, taking tests is hard… sometimes you end up losing lots of blood, sometimes you lose your arms, just standard stuff, it’s no biggie. Oh I guess you’re wondering why I’m bleeding, well that’s easy our tests consist of fighting various ferocious beasts and other students. The most recent of my injuries was inflicted upon me by a senior. Guess that’s what ...view middle of the document...

Oh I must have forgotten the entrance fee! Okay, first you must sacrifice a snow white lamb to the Greek gods and just to make sure you learned your stuff in school you must be able to subdue a few of the various fauna that they have available, ranging from your standard lions and tigers, to more exotic animals like elephants and battle giraffes. These tests are rather easy for those that pay attention in class, but most people blow it off and get caught by surprise, but not me! I’m Minimus the greatest gladiator who ever lived! And then after that there’s the matter of paying for your equipment that you have to use in the higher battle arenas its all a big mess, but that’s beside the point. What’s important is the method we use to test peoples potential, does it even work? In the coliseum all that is being tested is physical capability, a person’s resistance to fear, and amount of adrenaline rushing through ones veins. Honestly I believe that what matters most is what’s inside, how smart someone is, and that’s why I think we should have long tests in quiet testing halls so that part of people can shine out. I mean like I like slaying a lion as much as the next guy but the best thing ever is just doing nothing and lion around, sitting down and just filling in bubbles in a quiet room is a close second. It just so relaxing, almost therapeutic in a way, or I...

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