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“It is a tale of usurpation, revenge, and a devilish, preternatural passion that tamer beings can scarcely recognize as love.” (Duclaux)
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë is considered a masterpiece today, however when was first published, it received negative criticism for its passionate nature. Critics have studied the novel from every analytical angle, yet it remains one of the most haunting love stories of all time. “Wuthering Heights is not a comfortable book; it invites admiration rather than love.” (Stoneman) The novel contains several different levels that force readers to ponder the text. It allows for individual interpretations of the novel.
The novel has supernatural encounters, crumbling ruins, moonless nights and monstrous images hoping to create an atmosphere of mystery and fear. Emily Brontë challenges readers’ minds by creating different themes and filling the novel with symbolism and motifs. Certain aspects of Wuthering Heights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily Jane Brontë lived a short and intense life. No one knows much about her except for what she reveals in her writing, which consists of many poems and one novel, Wuthering Heights. Brontë was born in Thornton, Yorkshire on July 30, 1818. She is one of three talented and famous sisters and fifth of six children. Brontë grew up in Hawthorn, a village that is built against a steep hill. Behind the town, were the empty moors that Brontë wandered in yearlong and loved deeply. The moors greatly influenced Emily’s life as the readers can see because much of the setting in Wuthering Heights takes place along the rugged bank and rippling brook of the moors.
Many other things in Brontë’s life affected her writing. Emily’s mother also gave her inspiration when writing her book. Brontë’s mother, Maria Branwell Brontë, passed away when Emily was only three years old. Consequently, readers find that many of the mothers, such as Catherine and Frances, die in the novel or do not raise their own children, such as Isabella who died when her son, Linton, was about thirteen years old. The impact of Brontë’s mother passing away early on in her life was life changing because she includes the death of mothers frequently in the story. Because of her mother’s death, Emily’s Aunt Branwell plays the ‘mother-figure’ in her life. Her Aunt Branwell is a strict and emotionless woman. However, she is an inspirational and important figure in her life. Similarly, in the book, Nelly, the maid, serves as a ‘mother-figure’ in many of the characters’ life. Brontë based many elements of Wuthering Heights on aspects of her own life.
Two narrators, Nelly Dean and Lockwood, tell the story of Wuthering Heights. The story starts in Yorkshire in 1801, and the past twenty-five years are explained. It opens with a diary passage from Lockwood. Lockwood narrates the entire novel as a passage in his diary. The story is told to him by Nelly, the maid. Lockwood writes most of the narrative in Nelly’s voice,...

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