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Getting revenge is not the most important thing in life is portrayed in the novel. In Emily Bronte?s classic novel ?Wuthering Heights?, Heathcliff is shown this in a series of events that ruin the lives of those around him. His main goal is to exact his revenge that has been planned ever since he ran away for three years and got some what wealthy. This vengeful, cruel, and a dynamic main character, in the progress of beginning his prolonged revenge, ruins his life as well as the people?s around him.Heathcliff is seen as a vengeful character that is misunderstood by many people. As when Heathcliff was brought into the family early in the novel and several days later was seen by Nelly as ??a sullen, patient child?he would stand Hindley?s blows without winking?? (33). It is seen that Hindley did not like Heathcliff from the beginning because that his violin from his dad that was supposed to be brought back from his trip to Liverpool was smashed. This happened because Mr. Earnshaw brought back Heathcliff. When they had grown up a little more, Hindley was increasingly mean and did not care for Heathcliff any more than he did when he was first brought to Wuthering Heights. ?Hindley threw it [iron weight]?and would have gone just so to the master, and got full revenge?? shows that this later shows up when there is a disagreement on whether Heathcliff should get Hindley?s horse because his had gone lame (35). These are the attributes that show Heathcliff as a vengeful person.Heathcliff is also a very cruel character in this novel. There are several examples that he is cruel. He hung a puppy because he did not like the owner. He often hit Cathy because she was not acting the way he wanted her to. Does this classify him as a cruel character or is there some hidden reason for this cruelty? One statement by Mrs. Dean, ?? He has a son, it seems??? inquired Mr. Lockwood. The reply ??Yes?he is dead?? was then heard in response (29). This could be a reason that Heathcliff is...

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2154 words - 9 pages himself to death. Cathy and Hareton get married after Heathcliff dies concluding the story. Analysis of Characters in Wuthering Heights Characters in literature often connect to the modern world, this is evident in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff is the main character of Wuthering Heights, his character battles lots of opposition that truly shapes him as a person. Heathcliff was adopted by Mr. Earnshaw, who found him on the side

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