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Wuthering Heights: Heathcliff Is The Best Mate For Catherine

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In the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, it is obvious that Heathcliff makes a better partner for Catherine. Through Catherine and Heathcliff's childhood bond, the way they both express their emotions towards each other and the events that take place at Catherine's deathbed, it shows they have a very special bond that cannot easily be broken; therefore, Heathcliff makes a better match.Catherine and Heathcliff have had a connection since they were small children. In fact, "She was much too fond of Heathcliff. The greatest punishment we could invent for her was to keep her separate from him" (44). This shows how close their bond was and how it hurt them to be away from each other for too long. Catherine spent time with Heathcliff and tried to teach him new things, "Catherine taught him what she learnt and worked or played with him in the fields" (48). Catherine realizes that Heathcliff has no education and does not attend school, so she passes along her knowledge to him. Catherine also admits that she is in love with Heathcliff while talking to Nelly Dean (87), so it is obvious Heathcliff would make a better match for Catherine if she clearly states that she is in love with him.In addition to the childhood bond shared between Heathcliff and Catherine, they also make the best pair through the way they express their feelings towards each other. Catherine, while talking to Nelly Dean, states that she considers Heathcliff her soul mate and that Edgar Linton is much too different from her (87). Catherine states, "Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same; and Linton's is as different as a moonbeam from lightning or frost from fire (87). By referring to Heathcliff as her soul mate, it shows they have a deep connection and that she cares for him greatly. When Heathcliff hears Catherine tell Nelly of her plan to marry Edgar, Heathcliff is heart broken and leaves Wuthering Heights for 3 years (88). Catherine says it would "degrade her to marry Heathcliff" so she ignores what her heart tells her and decides to marry Edgar on a superficial basis. Catherine ignores her heart and marries Edgar so that she and her children will have a secure and good life, but her heart always belongs to Heathcliff, which is why Catherine should have...

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