Wuthering Heights Vs Thrushcross Grange = Storm Vs Calm

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In the novel by Emile Bronte, Wuthering Heights, a strong contrast exist between storm and calm. Wuthering Heights and Thrusscross Grange, illustrate this concept, as they are binary opposites in the story, where Wuthering Heights represents storm, and Thrusscross Grangpe represents calm. The physical characteristics of the two places and the people that reside there are the driving forces for this opposition.The name of the residence, Wuthering Heights, in itself shows us how this storm is illustrated. "Wuthering" meaning subject to persistent blustery or noisy winds and"Heights"referring to the hill on top of which it resides. There are physical storms described in the book that "[rattle] over the Heights in a full fury"(p. 248), that have "growling thunder, and great drops" (p. 248) . On the night of Mr.Earnshaw's death "a high wind blustered round the house [...] it sounded wild and stormy" (p. 43). The house is described by the author as cruel one, the "narrow windows are deeply set in the wall, and the corners are defended with large jutting stones" (p. 4). Furthermore, there are in the house cruel dogs that bite Mr. Lockwood upon his arrival. These dogs are said to be "robbing [the] wood of pheasants" (p. 328). The vegetation also illustrates the misery of the house, there are "a few stunted firs at the end of the house" (Chapter I) and "a range of gaunt thorns" (p. 4), the word "gaunt" demonstrates effectively the coldness of the house. The physical description of the house makes the reader believe that Wuthering Heights is not a calm place.Wuthering Heights representing the storm, lodges fierce people. Wuthering Heights is a "perfect misanthropist's heaven" (p. 4). The best example is Heathcliff. He spends most of his life seeking revenge by ruining other people lives. Isabel asks "Is Mr. Heathcliff a man? If so, is he mad? And if not, is he the devil?"(p. 137). He is one of the causes of the death of Catherine, Hindley, Isabella and Linton. He is described to have "black eyes [that] withdraw so suspiciously under their brows" (p. 5). Catherine, whose ghost haunts...

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