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Ww1: Life Of A Soldier Essay

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World war I: The Life of a SoldierLieutenant Herbert Howard WhiteheadDate and Place of Birth, Next of Kin (123)Lieutenant Herbert Howard Whitehead was born November 22, 1885 in Toronto Ontario. Herbert was part of the Canadian Infantry as well as the Royal Flying Corps. Not only was he a foot soldier but a pilot as well. He trained in England with his Battalion until their call to duty to France on 18 September 1915. He saw service throughout Europe in the Battle of Ypres and the Battle of Somme. His next of kin is Mary Whitehead who lives at 4583, Windsor Street, Vancouver, BC., Canada. Battalion and RFC (308)Lieutenant Herbert Howard Whitehead enlisted with the 31st Canadian Infantry Battalion. As well he was also part of 2nd sqdn. Royal Flying Corps. The 31st battalion was formed on 16 Nov 1914 and Herbert enlisted the day after that. The battalion served until June 1919. The 31st Battalion had a reputation as an effective and fierce fighting unit. The 31st Battalion never surrendered any ground during the war and served in many famous battles such as Vimy and Passchendaele. In the Battle of Passchendaele, the 31st Battalion had the honour of capturing the village of Passchendaele. The Battalion earned 19 battle honours during the Great War.Herbert was also part of the RFC. And after being permanently attached to it on June 4, 1916, it was the most likely cause of his death. Early in the war, arming the aircraft was difficult because of obstructions such as the propeller, wing and struts. RFC pilots faced a difficult challenge as their enemy had air superiority and weaponry. The weather was also a significant factor on the western Front with the prevailing westerly wind favouring the Germans. This made flying difficult and disadvantageous to RFC pilots. Herbert lasted for 2 months in the RFC after being permanently attached to it.Rank and Regimental Numbers (120)He does not have any known Regimental numbers (numbers are either filled in as n/a or left blank). He was also the rank of lieutenant who took the place of the Captain, who was the officer who actually raised the company of soldiers. The Lieutenant's job was to lead the soldiers into battle so that the Captain would not have to. In the RFC he held rank of Flight-Lieutenant. A Flight-Lieutenant's job is to assist Squadron Leader in Squadron duties and activities and practice towards becoming proficient in all Squadron responsibilities and duties.Date of Enlistment and Reason for Enlistment (147)Herbert enlisted at the age of 28 on November 17, 1914 in Calgary, Alberta. He had no prior military experience. The year 1914 was the year when the First World War began. At this time, Herbert was at the age of 28 and single. He enlisted, most likely, to serve Canada by his own free will, not having to worry about wife and kids. Another reason could be is that he lived with his parents and his parents finally forced him to move out and join the army. Most likely at the beginning of the war,...

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