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Ww2 Impacts On American Minorities Essay

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American minorities made up a significant amount of America’s population in the 1920s and 1930s, estimated to be around 11.9 million people, according to . However, even with all those people, there still was harsh segregation going on. Caucasians made African-Americans work for them as slaves, farmers, babysitters, and many other things in that line. Then when World War II came, “World War II required the reunification and mobilization of Americans as never before” (Module2). They needed to cooperate on many things, even if they didn’t want to. These minorities mainly refer to African, Asian, and Mexican-Americans. They all suffered much pain as they were treated as if they weren’t even ...view middle of the document...

The main ones were the Klu Klux Klan and the Jim Crow Laws. However, there were also movements that the African-American communities were in. One of them was the Harlem Renaissance, which was the African-American community undergoing a cultural explosion, characterized by the rise in popularity of African-American music, literature, and performing arts.
One way that especially the African-Americans felt some freedom was through Jazz. Jazz was originated from African-Americans who grouped together and sang about the hardships that they were in. Now it has grown into a music genre, but back then, it had a bigger meaning than it does now. Jazz was a way for African-Americans to express their pain. That means of expression was music. However, it wasn’t only the African-Americans in the Jazz industry; caucasians were in it as well. Jazz was also played in places where people danced or were trying to get drunk, such as bars or clubs because Jazz could be played with an upbeat, or in a soothing way as well. Through this music, African-Americans who were incredibly talented in Jazz played in front of caucasians crowds, and in some occasions, even worked with them. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington are both examples of famous African- American Jazz musicians. They both were considered sensational musicians, as both had enormous impacts on America’s music industry. Another way that musicians and bands were able to play in the public was through the radio, which grew popular as the Great Depression came because it offered multiple different stations while still being affordable for the public.
During the war, segregation seemed to start decreasing. As quoted above, “World War II required the reunification and mobilization of Americans as never before” (Module2). America drafted all men that were caucasians, but they needed more, so they also drafted minorities. Although they were all on the same side of the war, there was still some segregation going on, as caucasians were always only with caucasians, and African-Americans were only with African-Americans. One of the most celebrated African-American forces was the Tuskegee Airmen. They accomplished more than 1,500 missions over Europe without losing a single bomber. Mexican-Americans were also drafted to war. “Out of 16.2 million Americans in the armed services during World War II, between 250,000 and 750,000 were of Mexican ancestry” (cite). Also, many from Mexico and Puerto Rico were brought into America as workers, or braceros, through the Bracero Program. This was established in 1942 as a labor agreement between the United States and Mexico. They were primarily brought in the agriculture field, while others were brought into employment on railroads (cite). Asian-Americans were impacted hugely from the war mainly because America was in war with Japan. President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the War Relocation Authority (cite). This allowed Japanese Internment Camps to be built in places throughout...

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