Ww2's Affects On Non Combatants And Minorities

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In WW2, non-combatants and minorities were affected in a huge way as they were affected in many different ways. There were all sorts of different types of non-fighter's, such as women, POW's and the Tuskegee Airmen that were affected by such things as rationing and resistance. Even though each of these groups had their different struggles, they were all similar in that WW2 was a difficult time for all of them, but furthermore it was also a time for each and every one of them to be given a chance to prove themselves.To start, women had always experienced a time of struggle during war as they were never allowed to participate in battle, but rather left at home to both ...view middle of the document...

Minorities were a huge group that suffered greatly during the war as well. Those that did join in on the war effort were often still discriminated against after the Civil War and WW1, which made it very difficult to work when those on your side were in a sense against you. But minorities still got their time to shine in the war as well, through groups such as the Tuskegee Airmen who were trained African-American's pilots that did very well in giving them some glory. There was also the group of the "Red Tails" who had quite the legacy in the war as they shot down many enemy planes and won many awards for doing so.Lastly, there were the civilians and POW's of the war who were also affected. Civilians over seas in Europe, especially, were the ones who suffered from direct fighting on their territory and many of their lives were spared all throughout the war, especially in Stalingrad where the fighting took place right in the city. The POW's suffered as they were the ones who were captured by enemy forces and often times tortured as a result.However, both these groups still managed to make it through the war and were all the while recognized for what they did.And so, even those groups such as the ones mentioned did not play a huge part in the war, what they did was still very significant and worthy of memory. They were all also later recognized for what they did which helped the prejudices stop in a sense which later led to a more united people in the end.

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